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Tobias Aguirre, MPIA, Executive Director

As Executive Director, Tobias sets the conservation vision and organizational strategy for FishWise. His work with retail industry executives, trade associations, and NGO leaders, seeks to build a collaborative approach to conservation that results in effective business and improved environmental performance. To that end, Tobias serves on many advisory bodies and committees, including the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation’s Environmental Stakeholder Committee, the Food Marketing Institute's Sustainable Seafood Committee Advisory Council, the Steering Committee of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, and Fair Trade USA’s Fisheries Advisory Council. Drawing from these diverse multi-stakeholder efforts, Tobias develops innovative solutions for FishWise business partners, while forging new ground in the complex world of seafood sustainability. He is also a frequent speaker at leading industry events, such as FMI's Sustainability Summit and the International Boston Seafood Show. Tobias holds degrees from Stanford University and UCSD’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, where he specialized in nonprofit management and business strategy and was named a Schoepflin Fellow for his work on sustainable fisheries.

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Bill Wall, B.Tech. Aquaculture, Distributor Division Director

Bill oversees FishWise's engagement with seafood distributors who represent a critical and under-represented link in the middle of the value chain. He manages existing distributor partnerships, is responsible for establishing new partnerships, and works with FishWise’s retail partners to incorporate novel product categories into their responsible sourcing commitments. In 2007, Bill graduated from Flinders University in South Australia with a Bachelor of Technology in Aquaculture. In 2008 Bill completed the Management and Business Track program at UC Berkeley with a concentration in Business Administration and Marketing. Having developed a passion for marine environments and all that they offer growing up in Sydney, he has worked in a number of "hands-on" positions within the seafood supply chain over the last decade including jobs related to production, processing, sales (retail and wholesale) and responsible sourcing.

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Mariah Boyle, M.Sc., Traceability Division Director

As the Traceability Division Director, Mariah works to create tools that help FishWise partners, and the larger seafood industry, reduce and ultimately eliminate illegal seafood products from supply chains, while ensuring all seafood is traceable back to its origins. Mariah summarized the seafood traceability landscape in a white paper in 2012 and continues to work alongside the many stakeholders seeking to create viable solutions that allow for improvements on the water while safeguarding seafood businesses from fraud. Mariah has also organized workshops and participated in events focused on combating illegal fishing, serving as a coordinator within this network of stakeholders. Mariah’s background in science, business engagement, and supply chain logistics allow her to add a unique perspective to these conversations. Mariah has a Masters in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and a Bachelor of Science from the Florida Institute of Technology. She is also an Assistant Specialist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, working with Dr. Marc Mangel in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Previously, she has worked in academia, government, and education, monitored west coast fish stocks at sea, and informed community-based MPAs in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Her published work focuses on shark conservation, stable isotope analysis, and trophic ecology of fishes.

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Meghan Frolli, M.Sc., Retail Division Director

As Retail Division Director, Meghan oversees FishWise's North American retail business engagement, including partnerships with Target Corporation (1900+ stores), Hy-Vee (240+ stores), and Albertsons Companies, Inc. (2200+ stores) which operates under 18 banners across the United States. Meghan is responsible for establishing retail partnerships and developing ambitious, yet achievable, industry-leading sustainable seafood policies. Collaborating with government agencies, NGOs, and the seafood industry, Meghan monitors global seafood sustainability issues and conducts in-depth seafood supply chain evaluations to help buyers and industry executives make informed purchasing decisions. Meghan holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a Masters of Science degree in Coastal and Watershed Science and Policy from CSU Monterey Bay. Prior to FishWise, Meghan worked as a state biologist for both the California and Oregon Departments of Fish and Wildlife, where she conducted recreational fishing surveys within California and monitored rockfish populations for the network of Southern Oregon Marine Reserves.

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Aurora Alifano, M.Sc., Project Director

As Project Director, Aurora leads multi-stakeholder initiatives to improve business practices that protect human and labor rights within the seafood industry. Her cross-sector engagement strategy brings human rights, labor, and trafficking experts into the world of seafood sustainability. Uniting expertise from representatives of companies, governments, and civil society, this work charts a new course for a truly responsible seafood industry via collaboration, development of new tools, and promotion of best practices. Aurora is a frequent speaker at industry events, presenting North American NGO and industry perspectives on illegal fishing and human rights issues. Her work also integrates social responsibility into seafood sourcing recommendations and traceability improvements, providing awareness and guidance to FishWise partners. Aurora’s interest in human rights began while treating the ill and injured as an Emergency Medical Technician in Monterey County. Aurora earned a Masters degree in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from University of California, Santa Cruz. Aurora also managed international partnerships and implemented large-scale restoration projects to protect native island species in the Bahamas, the Galapagos, and Palau. She currently volunteers as a Diver Medical Technician for the Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber. 

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Alanna Gisondo, M.E.M., Project Director

As Project Director, Alanna provides support to the Traceability and IUU Project Director by helping research and develop recommendations for how FishWise partners — and the seafood industry in general — can improve traceability and eliminate illegality in seafood supply chains. Alanna holds bachelors’ degrees in Environmental Systems and Political Science from UC San Diego, and a master’s degree in Coastal Environmental Management from Duke University. As the Sustainable Fisheries Fellow at Duke Marine Lab, she spent two summers in Southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia, researching the scalability of small-scale marine ornamental mariculture businesses as a sustainable alternative livelihood to destructive fishing. Through her research, Alanna gained valuable insight into fishermen’s incentives to engage in sustainable fishing, and a solid understanding of how market-based solutions can improve production practices.

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Elsie Tanadjaja, M.Sc., Project Director

As Project Director, Elsie provides support to the Managing Director and current business partners. Specializing in database management, Elsie is responsible for creating systems to monitor the sustainability performance of our partners. Being fluent in Indonesian, she is a great asset to engaging with fishery improvements projects in the Indo-Pacific region. Elsie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and a minor in Asian American Studies from University of California Santa Barbara where she discovered her passion for the marine world. She holds a Masters degree from Moss Landing Marine Lab, looking at the potential effect of acidified ocean on the sand production of rhodoliths – free-living calcium carbonated seaweeds – and the rhodolith habitat that supports fishes and invertebrates. With research and environmental conservation experiences across the United States, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Mexico, Elsie integrates a multi-cultural perspective into her knowledge and understanding of human and ocean interactions.

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Ashley Greenley, M.Sc., Project Director

As Project Director, Ashley provides support for existing FishWise partnerships, helps manage databases, and conducts product research with a particular focus on Latin American fisheries. Prior to joining FishWise, Ashley worked for Stanford University on a community-based project to restore commercially fished abalone populations in Baja California. Through this work in Mexico, Ashley established a strong relationship with the local fishing cooperative at Isla Natividad and gained valuable insight into seafood production logistics and challenges. Ashley obtained a B.S. in Aquatic Biology from UC Santa Barbara and a Masters degree in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, where she used acoustic telemetry to study the movement patterns of lingcod. During her graduate career, Ashley also worked with local commercial fishermen, recreational anglers, and charter boat skippers on various collaborative research projects focused on nearshore fishes. Her experiences working with fishermen in California and Mexico have resulted in her passion to promote the preservation of marine resources, as well as the livelihoods that depend on them. With a strong foundation in marine science and a diversity of professional and research experiences, Ashley helps to develop environmentally responsible practices for the seafood industry.

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Ethan Y. Lucas, M.M.A., Senior Project Manager

As Senior Project Manager, Ethan leads the FishWise Independent Retail program, co-leads the Sea Delight supplier partnership, and tackles FishWise research needs for fishery improvement efforts. Ethan became involved in wild capture fisheries at a young age on Cape Cod, later transitioning his focus towards marine conservation activities. Ethan holds a degree in Aquaculture & Fisheries Technology (B.S.) from the University of Rhode Island and a Master’s Degree in Marine Affairs (M.M.A.) from the School of Marine Affairs at the University of Washington. During his graduate studies, Ethan utilized a wealth of community-based coastal resource management experience gained as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines to inform the establishment of a large-scale, no-take marine protected area on the Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef in Bohol, Philippines. Additional experience in a variety of marine fields including marine science education, NAUI scuba instruction, and marine policy development with NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch Program as a Sea Grant Knauss Fellow have contributed to Ethan’s strong interdisciplinary background that integrates rigorous theoretical understanding with practical on-the-ground experience.

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Scott Kennedy, B.A., Senior Project Manager

As Senior Project Manager, Scott works with Meghan, providing support for existing FishWise nationwide retailer partnerships as well as providing data management support. After earning a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a focus on Conservation from the University of California, Santa Cruz, he went on to work in abalone aquaculture for several years. As an abalone farmer, Scott gained insight into the relationships between producers, distributors, and retailers, as well as experience in the field of sustainable aquaculture. In addition to spawning and rearing young abalone larvae, processing abalone for market, and harvesting kelp, he managed the retail farm stand - enabling him to educate customers on the importance of sustainable seafood and aquaculture. He has also worked in retail seafood markets and restaurants, including El Pescador Fish Market and Grill in La Jolla, CA. Scott has been an avid fisherman, diver, and ocean enthusiast since a young age. Scott’s life long passions for fishing, marine conservation, and ecology, as well as his diverse work experiences, make him well equipped to implement positive change within the seafood industry.

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Kathleen Mullen Ley, M.A.S., Senior Project Manager

As Senior Project Manager, Kathleen provides support to existing member retailer partnerships by conducting research of seafood product sourcing, developing and implementing training programs, compiling and analyzing data, and writing content for websites. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz and obtained a Masters in Advanced Studies (M.A.S.) in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in June 2013. Her graduate research project was an analysis of the World Trade Organization ruling on the US dolphin-safe tuna label and its implications for future market-based marine conservation efforts. Her research allowed her to develop an in-depth understanding of the global canned tuna industry, including the fishing methods and gear types employed, non-target species incidentally caught, and efforts to define and improve sustainability in tuna fisheries. Prior to FishWise, Kathleen was an environmental educator at a small nonprofit in San Diego, visiting high school science classes to teach students about the importance of marine conservation. Her experience analyzing fishery management issues and communicating marine science to diverse audiences combined with her respect for ocean life has made her well-prepared to take on the challenges of sustainable seafood.

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Sara Lewis, M.A., M.E.S., Traceability and IUU Project Director

As Project Director, Sara works closely with the Traceability and IUU Project Director to research, develop, and assess traceability tools and best practices. Sara assists in the development of reports and recommendations for FishWise partners and other members of the seafood industry, suggesting viable options for improving product traceability, and ridding seafood supply chains of illegally caught and mislabeled seafood products. Sara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and two Masters degrees in Environmental Studies – from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and the University of California, Santa Cruz respectively. Prior to Fishwise Sara held employment with environmental NGOs in Maui and New Zealand, working on issues ranging from marine debris to coastal policy.  Sara has also engaged in academic research on illegal fishing, marine protected areas, environmental performance metrics and certification, and most recently, international salmon farming policy.  Her academic and professional pursuits have provided Sara with ample opportunity to work with members of government, the conservation community, and the seafood industry internationally, giving her a diverse and unique perspective on marine sustainability issues globally.

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Nat Robinson, Database Manager

As Database Manager, Nat builds and maintains the data systems of FishWise. These systems facilitate the organization and analyzing of sustainability data and provide reporting tools for FishWise partnerships. Nat graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2004 with a Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology. During and after college, he was employed as a software engineer and then transitioned into data management as a career, working in the biotechnology industry. Coming full circle with his education, Nat landed at FishWise, managing its data systems. His mix of ocean biology education and professional experience in data management provide a unique perspective and skill set. Nat hopes to empower the seafood sustainability movement to its full potential through smart e-tools and efficient data handling. 

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Brooke Towne, B.A., SPHR, Office Manager

As Office Manager, Brooke provides administrative support to the Executive Director and other staff to facilitate the ongoing success of FishWise. She is a management professional in the sustainability arena with the ability to create procedural systems from the ground up. Prior to FishWise, Brooke managed an independently owned natural food store in Aptos, CA, overseeing all operations. Also, Brooke has held positions in customer service at Netscape Inc., and human resources at SugarCRM in Silicon Valley, and beyond. She is a key contributor to FishWise’s ability to adeptly manage client needs, as she can rapidly identify and resolve challenges of all kinds by delivering practical and focused solutions.

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Rachael Confair, M.A., Project Manager

As Project Manager, Rachael provides support to the Traceability and IUU Division Director by assisting in research and developing recommendations for FishWise partners to improve seafood traceability. Rachael holds two Bachelors degrees from Arizona State University in Conservation Biology and English and a Masters degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in International Environmental Policy. Before joining the FishWise team, Rachael worked as an environmental health specialist for food safety in the Southwest. She is a Registered Sanitarian in the State of Arizona and with the National Environmental Health Association. With her academic experience in marine conservation and professional role in seafood safety, Rachael is well prepared to take on the challenges of sustainable seafood.

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Caroline Ferguson, M.S., Project Manager

As Project Manager, Caroline provides support for the Albertsons - Safeway partnership. She attended Stanford University, where she earned both her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Human Biology, with a concentration in Human Interactions with the Ocean and her Master of Science (M.S.) in Earth Systems, with a concentration in Marine Conservation. Her research on ocean acidification and biological oceanography has taken her to all seven continents and many small island nations, where she has witnessed firsthand the direct social and environmental costs of unsustainable fishing. At an early age, Caroline developed a passion for marine life, and her interdisciplinary training in policy, science, and ethics has equipped her to work with industry leaders to create a more sustainable future for the oceans.

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Meg Songer, M.S., Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Meg provides support to FishWise retailer partners, manages sourcing information, in addition to developing and implementing training programs. Her work facilitates the implementation and maintenance of retailers’ environmentally responsible seafood programs in addition to providing consumers with the tools to make informed purchasing choices. Meg holds a B.S. in Anthropology and Environmental Studies and a B.S. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Fine Art from Iowa State University. Upon graduation from university, Meg spent several years as a naturalist and marine science instructor on Catalina Island, California. While teaching in Stonington, Connecticut, Meg made interpersonal relationships with local commercial fishermen and incorporated their insights into hands-on marine science lesson plans. These experiences as an environmental educator served as Meg’s introductions to marine ecosystems and also point to the root of her commitment to marine conservation. Meg’s deeply-seated passions for education, ecology and understanding human behavior make her well equipped to cultivate heightened awareness and action within the seafood industry. 

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Traci Linder, M.Sc., Project Manager

As Project Manager, Traci provides support to the Traceability Division Director, developing tools to improve seafood traceability and combat illegal fishing and human rights violations. Traci holds a bachelor’s degree in biology with a focus in ecology from UC San Diego, and a master’s degree in biology with a focus in marine ecology from UC San Diego / Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Traci has been conducting fisheries and aquatic research for over ten years, spanning from mariculture studies in Costa Rica to working on large-scale fisheries conservation projects in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. She also has experience in policy work surrounding aquatic resource management and communicating both policy and scientific research to the general public. Traci’s experience in both science and policy has shown her the importance of strong communication and collaboration for effective ocean resource management.

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Tarah Mayes, B.S., Office Assistant

As an Office Assistant, Tarah provides general support to the FishWise staff. She holds a Bachelors degree from University of California Santa Cruz in Marine Biology. During college, she spent time in South Africa studying the reproduction of a native benthic fish species, of which little was previously known. Since graduating college, Tarah managed development and performed data analysis for a non-profit working to implement more sustainable methods of farming seafood, as well as educate communities about sustainable and safe fishing practices. Her recent experience as an Intern at FishWise has prepared her for her position as Office Assistant. Tarah is taking graduate courses at Moss Landing Marine Labs and is excited to pursue her role in the realm of marine conservation and sustainable seafood, both through her education and her contributions to FishWise.