Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

Seafood sustainability is complex, requiring many different conservation strategies. This complexity can be confusing, presenting a challenge for companies seeking to address the issue. To address this hurdle and to provide consistent guidance to businesses, FishWise and sixteen other leading conservation organizations from the United States and Canada partnered in 2008 to pursue a Common Vision for Environmentally Sustainable Seafood and work together as the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions. The Common Vision is an ambitious, but realistic, framework that businesses can use to address seafood sustainability. The ultimate goal of the Conservation Alliance is to preserve the health of ocean and freshwater ecosystems and ensure a long-term seafood supply.casslogo

The Conservation Alliance brings conservation expertise to seafood buyers and suppliers so businesses and the ocean and freshwater resources they depend on can flourish. The organizations in the Conservation Alliance also invest time and effort to address some of the biggest barriers to seafood sustainability. This includes:

  • Helping companies understand various certification and eco-label models.
  • Strengthening U.S. and international fisheries and aquaculture management policies.
  • Increasing consumer demand for sustainable seafood.
  • Finding ways to recognize fisheries and farms working to improve their sustainability.
  • Advising on the development and implementation of seafood traceability systems.