Research to Advance Change

At FishWise, we use scientific research and collaborative resources to build innovative tools that advance change in the seafood industry. By working together with supply chain stakeholders, NGOs, government officials, and academic researchers we promote marine conservation by increasing the availability of sustainable seafood. In the interests of fostering trust across sectors, FishWise strives to work with publicly available, transparent methods to find solutions that serve both industry and the environment.

Read about FishWise's involvement with:

  • WWF's Aquaculture Dialogues
  • Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

Collaborative Efforts

FishWise staff are currently involved in two major collaborative initiatives that aim to increase the availability and streamline the sourcing of sustainable seafood for retail markets:

WWF's Aquaculture Dialogues

WWF's Aquaculture Dialogues aim to develop a series of credible, scientific and performance-based standards for the principle aquaculture-produced seafood species in international markets. Roundtable dialogues involving more than 2,000 people have been underway for the eight seafood groups that comprise the highest value/largest global trades by volume: shrimp, salmon, trout, bivalves, Pangasius (basa/tra), abalone, tilapia, Seriola and cobia. Standards are now complete for Pangasius , abalone, tilapia, mussels, clams, scallops and oysters and the remaining standards are to be finalized in 2011. FishWise sits on the global steering committees for the shrimp aquaculture dialogue (ShAD) and the freshwater trout aquaculture dialogue (FTAD). The presence of FishWise at these meetings assures that current science and the needs of North American retailers are incorporated into the standards that will ultimately certify farmed seafood industries under the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

FishWise is a founding member of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions - a group of sixteen leading conservations groups across the U.S. and Canada that have joined forces to pursue a future of sustainable seafood. Within the Alliance, there is growing recognition that innovative tools are needed to help members of the supply line to navigate the complexities of sustainable seafood. To this end, FishWise has helped to develop the Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood, that articulates six key steps that businesses can take to help ensure a long-term seafood supply and is participating in a series of collaborative projects, from building consumer demand for sustainable seafood to investigating traceability systems. These projects are designed to leverage the expertise of the diverse member organizations, to ultimately transform seafood markets and affect change on the water.


On occasion, FishWise authors Seafood Watch reports for the Monterey Bay Aquarium to gain a color ranking for a species a client is interested in. To download sustainability reports FishWise has authored for the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program, click the links below: