Improvement Projects

For many seafood products with environmental concerns, buyers can help provide incentives for improvements that can result in more sustainable production. This makes it very important for buyers to request that suppliers make steps toward being more environmentally responsible and continue sourcing if improvement is demonstrated. FishWise can help facilitate improvement projects by:

  • Developing roadmaps that guide suppliers toward improvements
  • Establishing protocols and monitoring tools to ensure credibility
  • Collaborating with conservation organizations like Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and businesses throughout the supply chain on existing improvements projects
  • Coordinating with government regulators and regional fisheries management organizations on improving fisheries management
  • Contracting third party auditors for verification of progress in distant regions
  • Using market incentives to reward fisheries making program improvements resulting in sustainable product

Once improvement projects are established, buyers can feel confident about their path toward sustainability and continue, or in some cases begin, sourcing from these fisheries or farms.