Notes from the Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit

FishWise’s Ashley Greenley traveled to Japan this month to attend the fifth annual Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit. Ashley, who [...]

2019 Target Corporate Responsibility Report

FishWise retail partner Target has released its 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report, outlining progress in seafood sustainability, among other achievements. The report states [...]

Using Data to Source Tuna Responsibly 

How do we ensure that the seafood we love is both environmentally and socially responsible? At FishWise, we analyze [...]

Building Responsible Seafood Supply Chains

The stories are horrifying. The true cost of seafood connected to human rights abuses is no longer something that [...]

Traceability Solutions for Seafood Month

Do you know the story behind the seafood on your plate? Is there a chance that it was caught [...]

Addressing Social Responsibility in Seafood: FishWise to Present at Temple Beth El, Aptos

Can we protect the oceans and the communities that depend on them? A local approach goes global Globally, three [...]

National (Sustainable) Seafood Month

October is National Seafood Month and because our country loves seafood enough to dedicate an entire month to it, [...]

Celebrate National Seafood Month with FishWise

October is National Seafood Month. It’s the perfect time to celebrate seafood, but at FishWise our team wants to [...]

FishWise Welcomes Lana Brandt!

My name is Lana Brandt, and I recently joined FishWise as the Communications Project Manager. As such, I am [...]

Hy-Vee’s Due Diligence Plan and At-Sea Transshipment Policy

FishWise is proud of our market partners and the work they do to improve traceability and combat risks of [...]

Join Us in Welcoming Garrett Okrasinski

FishWise is excited to welcome Garrett Okrasinski to our Social Responsibility Division. In this role, Garrett will research and [...]

FishWise Launches SIMP Project

FishWise, with the support of the Walton Family Foundation and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), is soliciting feedback [...]

FishWise and Pescavore Announce New Partnership

FishWise is pleased to formally announce our partnership with Healthy Oceans Seafood Company, creators of Pescavore, a one-of-a-kind seafood [...]

FishWise Partners First to Sign Tuna Sustainability Letter

Albertsons Companies, Target, and Hy-Vee were the first US retailers to sign the global appeal tuna sustainability letter this [...]

FishWise Welcomes Brynn O’Donnell

My name is Brynn O’Donnell, and I recently joined FishWise as a project manager to help lead the Seafood [...]

Kate O’Rourke Joins the FishWise Team!

My name is Kate O’Rourke I joined FishWise to provide operations and management support to the Seafood Alliance for [...]

FishWise Introduces RISE, a New Tool to Help Businesses Address Social Risks

Amplifying Worker Voice On June 10-14, 2019, FishWise staff members attended the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. In [...]

What’s in the Way?: Clearing Barriers to Seafood Traceability

The energy was high in Bangkok this February as hundreds of people came to participate in both the Seafood [...]

Learnings from T75 Global Forum 2019

On February 6-7, FishWise staff attended the 2019 Global Fisheries Forum in Miami, FL, hosted by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership [...]

Tuna Forum Releases Best Practices Documents

Collective Best Practices for Well-Managed FAD Fisheries Over 40% of the global tuna catch is caught using floating objects, [...]

Guidance for Improving Vessel Monitoring and Transparency

Human rights abuses and illegal activities occurring in vessels on the high seas can often happen with impunity – [...]

Women in Seafood Leadership

If you’ve ever attended a seafood industry event, such as the Seafood Expo North America, aka the Boston Seafood [...]

Round the World in 26 Days – Bitung

A final post in a 5-part series about Erin Taylor and Alanna Gisondo on their learning journey in Indonesia… [...]

Round the World in 26 Days – Indonesia

In this next 3-part series, we continue where Project Director Erin Taylor left off, meeting up with her colleague Senior Project [...]

Round the World in 26 Days – Sulawesi

Continuing from the previous post about Erin Taylor and Alanna Gisondo on their journey in Indonesia… MDPI Director of Science [...]

Round the World in 26 Days – Stop 2: Our Ocean, Our Legacy

From San Diego to Sulawesi to Sumbawa and back, Fall 2018 brought Project Director Erin Taylor through a whirlwind [...]

Round the World in 26 Days – Stop 1: Scenes from Sea Pact

From San Diego to Sulawesi to Sumbawa and back, Fall 2018 brought Project Director Erin Taylor through a whirlwind [...]

WCPFC Agrees to Voluntary Labor Standards for Crew

Two members of FishWise’s tuna team, Elsie Tanadjaja and Kathleen Mullen-Ley, traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii, in December 2018 to [...]