Business Engagement:


As a trusted partner, FishWise helps you navigate environmental challenges so you can reach your sustainability goals.

By partnering with FishWise you will receive tailored support to achieve sustainability goals, manage reputational risks, and provide your customers with environmentally responsible seafood.

How can FishWise help you?

Identify opportunities for your company to engage with fishery improvement projects (FIPs) ranging from vetting the FIPs you purchase from to providing guidance during development of a new FIP

Provide on-call support and detailed recommendations for sources that align with your sustainability goals

Develop materials to publicly communicate your company’s efforts to improve the environmental sustainability of your seafood offerings and guide responses to public criticism or customer concerns

Regularly collect data through a customized online platform to track progress toward your sustainability goals

Conduct rigorous environmental risk assessments on seafood used in your supply chains against leading indicators of fishery and farm performance