Business Engagement:


FishWise has a comprehensive understanding of traceability systems available on the market today, as well as know-how to develop in-house solutions. Consumers and buyers alike are seeking assurances of food safety and sustainability, and the U.S. government is turning to traceability as a tool for combating illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and seafood fraud.

Companies are increasingly taking responsibility for both environmental and social elements of sustainability in their seafood supply chains. An effective traceability system is essential to delivering the product information necessary to track products back to their source and identify areas of risk. Traceability systems can also provide opportunities to improve brand value with consumers as cases of seafood fraud, IUU activity, and human rights abuses continue to grab media headlines.


We can support businesses in navigating traceability issues by providing tailored recommendations and tools.

We can conduct a best practice assessment to benchmark company traceability, data collection/ verification, and anti-IUU fishing procedures against industry best practices and recommend areas for improvement and engagement.

We can provide a customized work plan to support businesses in their due diligence to reduce IUU fishing risk, improve traceability, and identify initial steps for engaging supply chains.

We verify traceability data and product information through paper-based and/or electronic traceability reviews.

We can report on industry, government, and civil society efforts, initiatives, and progress to improve traceability systems and combat illegal fishing in supply chains.

We can conduct traceability risk assessments to identify products that have a higher risk of being untraceable, from illegal sources, or associated with misinformation or fraud.

Many of these services can occur in conjunction with our social responsibility services. Please visit our social responsibility services page for more information.

For more information on traceability in seafood supply chains, please visit our resources page.