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The protection of human rights is an integral part of the global sustainable seafood movement. Instances of human rights and labor rights abuses, such as human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, and limits on freedom of association have been documented in the production of seafood products sold by major North American and European retailers. In response to growing awareness of this issue, many companies with environmentally sustainable seafood sourcing policies are now expanding their commitments to include social responsibility efforts and a safe and healthy work environment for all workers in their supply chains.

FishWise works alongside our retail partners and a growing network of key experts and organizations to understand and improve human rights issues in seafood supply chains.

Social Responsibility Services

FishWise offers guidance and due diligence recommendations about best practices in social responsibility to our seafood business partners

Social Responsibility Resources

Our go-to resources provide a suite of information related to human rights initiatives and best practices.


Learn about the Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics, a free, online resource created by FishWise to help the seafood industry build robust social responsibility programs and develop decent work opportunities across the sector.

Social Responsibility Coaching Program

Discover how our Coaching Program is custom-tailored to help achieve your company’s social responsibility goals.