Social Responsibility

Coaching Program

Many resources exist for companies — but most still need a boost of strategic guidance to identify and prioritize investments for improving human and labor rights. FishWise offers a hands-on Coaching Program, with a curriculum and experience that is custom-tailored to help achieve your company’s social responsibility goals. Our process is carefully customized to the needs of each client while making the most of existing best practices and guidance.

Here’s how it works:

SR Coaching Program

With nearly two decades of experience implementing environmental and social responsibility programs with diverse companies, FishWise offers holistic, industry-specific expertise to help you navigate the complexities of reducing human rights risks and promoting decent work through responsibly sourced seafood.

Diving into the topics that matter most to you

The Coaching Program’s core modules are designed to provide a deep dive into the topics that are most relevant to your company.


Plan, develop, and communicate your informed, public commitment to human and labor rights.


Build internal capacity and buy-in by providing training for leadership or key teams.


Gather and assess information about human rights risks in your supply chains to identify and prioritize social responsibility efforts.


Build capacity with suppliers through training sessions and recommendations for further engagement.

We’re here for you

Following the Coaching Program, participants receive: 

  • Access to FishWise briefings on high-profile topics
  • On-call advice
  • Credits for future services

To learn more about the Coaching Program or other FishWise services, drop us a line: