The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) is a global alliance to promote legal and sustainable fisheries through improved transparency in seafood supply chains. SALT brings together the seafood industry, governments and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to accelerate learning and support collaboration on innovative solutions for legal and sustainable seafood, with a particular focus on traceability–the ability to track the movement of seafood through supply chains.


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Over the last several years, many stakeholders have indicated a strong willingness to work together on seafood traceability, particularly those aspects that no group can solve alone. SALT, a six-year project due to end in September 2023, was co-designed from input around the world, and is run by FishWise. The initiative enables a wide array of groups to clarify the needs, challenges and opportunities for improving seafood traceability. A community collaborating and learning from each other can collectively advance progress toward a universal acceptance of electronic traceability.

SALT not only houses community resources on traceability in one place, but creates new resources and traceability guidance that is missing. One of those initiatives was co-creating seafood traceability Principles and a series of steps, or Pathway, to support the Principles.

Traceability Principles

These unique seafood traceability Principles take into consideration how to integrate economic, ecological and social aspects when setting up a traceability system. SALT, in its last few years, works with governments from around the world, to integrate these Principles into traceability systems. This creates a learning environment on both sides; where SALT can learn from real world systems to refine the guidance, and where traceability leaders can integrate guidance created from users from around the world.

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