Introducing The Online Vendor Survey 2.0

By: Elsie Tanadjaja FishWise launched a new version of our Online Vendor Survey (OVS) in mid-October last year. This survey [...]

Welcome Amy West!

I am Amy West and I joined FishWise in March of 2018 as the program manager for the USAID initiative, Seafood [...]

FishWise at International Forum on Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing

During May 3-4 Mark Richardson attended the 11th International Forum on Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing hosted by Chatham [...]

Slowing Down Seafood

By Chase Martin, Communications Project Manager On a Saturday afternoon in a fish processing warehouse on the docks of [...]

The Links Between IUU Fishing, Human Rights, and Traceability

Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing threatens marine ecosystems and global food security. This unsustainable practice and the networks [...]

Innovation Forum London: How Business Can Tackle Modern Slavery and Forced Labor

By Cora Sorenson The billboards outside the heavily touristed Westminster Abbey in London let me know that modern slavery [...]

Policies and Recommendations to Improve the Safety of Fisheries Observers Deployed in Tuna Fisheries

On September 10th 2015, a Taiwanese fishing vessel conducted a transshipment of tuna to the Panamanian flagged refrigerated vessel MV [...]

Shipping off to Sumbawa

FishWise’s networks and activities span the globe, and this month’s blog feature is no exception. Senior Project Manager Erin [...]

5th Annual Global Wave Conference

By Meg Songer, Project Manager The forum, organized by Save the Waves Coalition and Surfrider Foundation and hosted by [...]

Industry Toolkit Provides Tools for Building Traceability into Seafood Supply Chains

Looking to take the first steps in implementing electronic traceability?  Attempting to calculate your ROI from adopting traceability practices? [...]

FishWise and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) release a new report on FAD-free Tuna Verification Best Practices

Increasing demand for tuna products claiming to be harvested without the use of fish aggregated devices (i.e. FAD-free) has [...]

Introducing SALT: A global alliance for sustainable fisheries

FishWise, Walton Family Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Search “farm to table” [...]

Recap of Worldwide Tuna Conference In Vigo

The 2017 Worldwide Tuna Conference was held September 11-12 in Vigo, Spain. The conference is a biannual gathering of [...]

Producer Partner Spotlight: Scottish Seas Co-op

FishWise is thrilled to announce a new producer partnership with Scottish Seas, a co-operative of Scottish fishermen operating in [...]

Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Increases Safety Standards for Fisheries Observers Working Aboard Fishing Vessels

  Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries In late 2016, the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) took a step [...]

Landmark Fishing and Human Rights Treaty to Enter into Force

(Last Updated: January 18th 2017) Photo credit: FAO What happened? On November 16th 2016, Lithuania became the tenth country [...]

IUU Task Force Releases Action Plan to Build Capacity to Fight IUU Fishing

Background on Recommendation 6 The Presidential Task Force on Combatting Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud [...]

FishWise Visits StarKist in American Samoa

Photo Credit: Elsie Tanadjaja In November and December of 2015, FishWise staff Mariah Boyle and Elsie Tanadjaja went on [...]

FishWise Visits SolTuna in Solomon Islands

Photo Credit: Elsie Tanadjaja In November and December of 2015, FishWise staff Mariah Boyle and Elsie Tanadjaja went on [...]

Press Release: FishWise Partner Sea Delight Announces Ambitious Traceability Policy

  FISHWISE PRESS RELEASE (PDF available here) Santa Cruz, California, November 9, 2016.  As part of its ongoing efforts [...]

Global Nutritional Security Depends on Adequate Fish Catches

Photo Credit: Susan Braun With the global population predicted to increase to nearly ten billion people by 2050, the [...]

Press Release: FishWise Partner Albertsons Expands Responsible Seafood Program – “Top 20 by 2022”

  FISHWISE PRESS RELEASE (PDF available here.) FishWise Partner Albertsons Companies Expands Responsible Seafood Program to Shelf-Stable Tuna and [...]

Sampling Sustainability at Sea Delight Ocean Fund Event

To kick off National Seafood Month in October, FishWise was honored to participate in our partner Sea Delight’s 3rd [...]

FishWise Travels to Guangzhou China for the Annual GOAL Conference

In late September, Bill Wall travelled to Guangzhou, China to attend the 16th annual Global Outlook on Aquaculture Leadership [...] Launch Makes Improvement Project Sourcing Easier

  The number of fishery improvement projects (FIPs) globally has grown dramatically, yet there has been no central place [...]

Enforcing the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act

Photo credit: Ethan Lucas Earlier this year, President Obama signed the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015. [...]

FishWise visits Tri Marine in American Samoa

  Photo credit: Eleanor Partridge In November and December of 2015, FishWise staff Mariah Boyle and Elsie Tanadjaja took [...]

Welcome Cora Sorenson!

Greetings FishWise readers! I’m Cora Sorenson, and I’m thrilled to have recently joined the fantastic staff at FishWise as [...]

Welcome James Tsou-Wong!

Hi FishWise readers! I’m James and I am happy to announce that I have recently joined the FishWise team [...]

Myths of Modern Day Slavery in the Seafood Industry

Photo credit: Ethan Lucas When it comes to human trafficking and modern day slavery, myths are unfortunately quite common. [...]

FishWise Partner Tsar Nicoulai Sends Sustainable Caviar to Space!

Sustainable seafood has expanded its reach to outer space. On July 18, private space company SpaceX launched a rocket [...]

FAO State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture Report: 2016 Edition

Photo credit: Marine Photobank/Wahid Adnan The global fisheries and aquaculture sector is an important source of employment, nutrition, and [...]

Traceability At Your Fingertips

Traceability is quickly gaining recognition in the seafood industry as an effective tool that can help illuminate opaque supply [...]

Sea Quest – MSC Certified Albacore from Fiji

In November and December of 2015, FishWise staff Mariah Boyle and Elsie Tanadjaja went on a trip to the [...]

FishWise Celebrates Target’s Achievements in Sustainable Seafood

  In 2011, FishWise partnered with Target to help the company develop a comprehensive program with the goal of [...]

FishWise Updates Briefing on Human Trafficking and Abuse in Thailand’s Shrimp Supply Chains

Over the past few years, criticisms have been directed at the Thai government for labor and human rights abuses [...]

Solander Pacific Ltd – MSC Certified Albacore from Fiji

  In November and December of 2015, FishWise staff Mariah Boyle and Elsie Tanadjaja went on a trip to [...]

FishWise Provides Sustainable Seafood Education at Savvy Seafood Event

FishWise recently had the good fortune of being invited to participate in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration [...]

Putting a Price Tag on Illegal Tuna Fishing in the Pacific

Photo Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce An important two-year study coordinated by the Pacific Islands Forum [...]

FishWise Partner Highlight: Darcie Renn, Senior Sustainability Manager

  Prior to joining Albertsons Companies in April 2015, Senior Sustainability Manager Darcie Renn served in the Peace Corps, [...]

Quixotic Farming: Expansion for Missouri tilapia farm in full swing

Quixotic Farming, a family-owned, sustainable seafood company that raises traceable, United States tilapia, has begun its expansion of its [...]

Meet Erin Taylor

  Hello there! I’m Erin Taylor, and I am thrilled to have recently joined the FishWise team as a [...]

It’s About to Get Harder to Bring Illegally Harvested Fish to Market

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons, Jacopo Werther The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recently announced that the Port [...]

From Catch to Consumer: A Summary of WWF’s Traceability Principles for Wild-Caught Fish Products

  Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing costs companies, fishermen, and consumers alike. Often coming from fisheries lacking strong [...]

Sea Delight Ocean Fund to Receive Additional Funding for FIPs

Sea Delight International, with its Subsidiaries Sea Delight Canada and Sea Delight Europe, signed Memorandum of Understanding with Coral [...]

Closing the Legal Loophole for Slavery in U.S. Supply Chains

Photo credit: Eleanor Partridge In February, President Obama signed the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 (H.R. [...]

Meet Jen Cole

Hello FishWise readers! I’m Jen, one of the newest members of the FishWise team. I work as a Project [...]

FishWise at the Boston Seafood Expo – Tools for Businesses to Understand and Prevent Human Rights Abuses

  Photo credit: Mariah Boyle Government actions to prevent human trafficking and labor abuses – in the United States and around [...]

Meet Lindsay Jennings

My name is Lindsay Jennings and I am happy to announce that I have recently joined FishWise as a [...]

FishWise Partners with Salty Girl Seafood

FishWise is proud to announce our latest producer partnership with Salty Girl Seafood, Inc. Salty Girl Seafood is based [...]

Next-Generation Sustainability Guidance for Seafood Businesses

  The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions released an updated version of the Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood at [...]

Alaskan Pollock: A Fish True to Its Name

Last December, President Obama signed a $1.1 trillion congressional spending bill, which included a stipulation that changes the legal [...]

FishWise Partner Hy-Vee Achieves 2015 Responsible Sourcing Commitment

In 2011, FishWise partnered with Hy-Vee to help the company transition its fresh and frozen seafood to environmentally responsible [...]

Promoting Collaboration and Partnership for Social Issues at the 2016 Seafood Summit

Photo credit: Susan Braun A few weeks ago, a diverse and global group of seafood stakeholders gathered in Malta [...]

FishWise Update #4 on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant-derived Radiation

  March 2016 Update As of December 3, 2015, monitoring efforts along the Pacific coast of the U.S. and [...]

Identifying the World’s Busiest Ports and Why It Matters

  Photo credit: Wiki Commons, Philippe Ales With the Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA) needing only five more ratifying [...]

Cascade Aqua Farms Arctic Char

Based in Washington State, Cascade Aqua Farms has been a FishWise producer partner since 2006 and specializes in producing [...]

FishWise Partners with New Seasons Market

  Today FishWise announced a partnership with New Seasons Market to increase transparency and education around sustainable seafood sourcing. [...]

FishWise Celebrates Safeway’s 2015 Seafood Sustainability Milestone

This month, FishWise is celebrating a major milestone with our retailer partner, Safeway. In 2010, Safeway and FishWise set [...]

The United States Ratifies Important Treaty to Combat Illegal Fishing

  2015 was a big year for the fight against illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. President Obama signed [...]

FishWise Partners with Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

  FishWise is proud to introduce our newest producer partner, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon (MCAS). MCAS raises high quality [...]

SeaWeb Seafood Summit Promotes Social Responsibility in Seafood

Photo courtesy of SeaWeb Seafood Summit With increasing concerns about unethical practices and the need for transparency within global [...]

The European Union’s Fight Against IUU Goes Digital

The Environmental Justice Foundation, PEW Charitable Trusts, World Wide Fund for Nature, and Oceana have come together to create [...]

The Hidden Costs of Canned Tuna

The Western and Central Pacific region is home to the most productive tuna stock on the planet, providing half [...]

Second Annual ‘Taste of the Sea’ Event at Casablanca on the Bay Raised Funds and Awareness for Sea Delight Ocean Fund

  MIAMI – The Sea Delight Ocean Fund charity hosted its second annual “Taste of the Sea”Masquerade Ball to raise [...]

SeaShare Provides Seafood to Those That Need It Most

  FishWise’s Traceability Division Director, Mariah Boyle, is raising money for SeaShare as part of her participation in NFI’s Future Leaders [...]

Sustainable Seafood Issues Take Center Stage in Japan

  (Photo Credit:  Seafood Legacy / Nobuyuki Aoki) In mid-November Project Director, Bill Wall, travelled to Japan to take [...]

FishWise Recommends Practical Steps to Improve Social Responsibility at GOAL

  Over 430 seafood professionals attended the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s (GAA) Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) 2015 conference [...]

FishWise Attends 2015 Pacific Tuna Forum

  The Pacific Tuna Forum is a biannual conference held for the various stakeholders of Pacific tuna fisheries and [...]

FishWise Partners with Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC)

  FishWise is very proud to announce our new producer partnership with the Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) based in [...]

Update on IUU Nations Carded by European Commission

On October 1, the European Commission issued the nation of Taiwan a ‘yellow card’ as a warning that the Commission [...]

Illegal Fishing and Human Rights Abuses on The Outlaw Ocean

In his four part series The Outlaw Ocean, Ian Urbina of The New York Times dives into the complicated [...]

2015 World Seafood Congress Sparks Global Dialogue on Seafood Ethics

Sustainable seafood experts and stakeholders from over 23 countries recently gathered at the 2015 World Seafood Congress in Grimsby, [...]

Sea Delight’s 2nd Annual Taste of the Sea Event

The 2nd Annual Taste of the Sea Masquerade Ball is set to cast off at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, [...]

Update to HR 774 blog: FishWise partners support Senate bill to combat illegal fishing

Congratulations to FishWise partners Albertsons Companies, Hy-Vee, Sea Delight, and Santa Monica Seafood, and to SeaPact members Ipswich Shellfish [...]

FishWise Attends FileMaker DevCon 2015

  As we continue to advance our data systems for monitoring improvements in our partners’  seafood sourcing, FishWise sent [...]

New FishWise Producer Partner – Mt. Lassen Trout Farm, Inc.

  Mt. Lassen Trout Farm, Inc. has been producing rainbow trout and steelhead since 1949. Having over 200 years [...]

Interpol Releases Recommendations on Combating Fisheries Crime in West Africa

  In 2013, Interpol launched Project Scale to address the growing concern among member countries of illegal fishing and [...]

Did you say Fair Trade tuna? Yes, in Safeway!

  Go ahead! Do a double take. Yes, you can now buy Fair Trade certified yellowfin tuna in over [...]

Celebrating Conservation and Responsible Fishing at Isla Natividad, Mexico

This July, FishWise staffers Ashley Greenley and Scott Kennedy traveled to Baja California Sur for a celebration to recognize [...]

HR 774: Bill to combat illegal fishing passes U.S. House of Representatives

  Another win for the efforts to combat illegal fishing! Congratulations to our partners Safeway and Hy-Vee for their [...]

Seafood Source and FishWise Lead Human Rights Webinar with Seafish and Fair Trade USA

As fishery yields decline the demand for cheap labor aboard fishing vessels and in seafood processing facilities is increasing. [...]

Meet Rachael Confair

  My name is Rachael Confair and I am pleased to have joined the FishWise Team. I am a [...]

The Global Extent of Human Trafficking in the Seafood Industry

The recent release of the U.S. State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report revealed the extent of forced labor [...]

Meet Traci Linder

Greetings! My name is Traci and I am happy to announce that I am the newest member of the [...]

Introducing Meg Songer

My name is Meg Songer and I am excited to announce that I am transitioning to the role of [...]

Thailand Remains at Lowest Ranking in U.S. Government’s Annual Trafficking Report

The U.S. Department of State maintained Thailand’s Tier 3 ranking, the lowest category, in its annual Trafficking in Persons [...]

Albertsons Companies Expands Responsible Seafood Partnership with FishWise

Albertsons Companies Expands Responsible Seafood Partnership With FishWise  SANTA CRUZ, CA (July 22, 2015) — Albertsons Companies, Inc. which [...]

FishWise Retail Partners Receive High Marks in Greenpeace Report

FishWise is proud to announce that our partners Safeway, Target, and Hy-Vee all ranked among the top 5 retailers in [...]

FishWise’s Partners Say No to Shark Finning

Photo credit: FishWisers have been tuning into Shark Week every night with the rest of the country. Discovery [...]

Consolidated List of Authorized Vessels for Tuna Released

Each year, over 4 million metric tonnes of tuna are caught worldwide, with estimated market values over $7 billion [...]

Meet Caroline Ferguson

My name is Caroline Ferguson, and I’m joining the FishWise team as a Project Manager for our Safeway partnership. [...]

Target Celebrates Sustainable Seafood Progress in 2014 CSR Report

FishWise retail partner Target has released its 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, outlining progress in seafood sustainability, among other [...]

New Study: Impacts of Traceability on Business Performance

Traceability systems are becoming increasingly comprehensive within the seafood industry, causing many firms to wonder how traceability improvements might [...]

Combined IUU Vessel List Expanded

The Combined IUU Vessel List  maintained by Trygg Mat Tracking (TMT) is a comprehensive source of information available about [...]

GFTC develops a Seafood Consumer Preference Tool

The Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) has developed a new Seafood Consumer Preference Tool that seafood businesses can use [...]

NFI & GS1 Seafood Traceability for Seafood: U.S. Implementation Guide

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and GS1 U.S. published a 53-page document in 2011 that includes minimum requirements and [...]

NOAA Fisheries Announces All-Time Low in Overfishing and Overfished Stocks

In April, NOAA Fisheries released its 2014 report on the Status of U.S. Fisheries to Congress. The number of [...]

Surf Market 3rd Annual Sustainable Seafood Festival

FishWise had the great fortune of being invited to participate in Surf Market’s 3rd Annual Sustainable Seafood Festival in [...]

EU Formally Warns Thailand for IUU Fishing, Clears Korea and the Philippines

    After assessing Thailand’s fisheries governance, control and sanctioning system since 2011, the European Commission (EC) has issued [...]

Seafood Traceability Definitions

Seafood traceability is a complex topic, and without a common lexicon it can be difficult the advance the conversation. [...]

UN FAO Port State Measures Agreement

The Leaders First, let’s begin with a big high-five to Chile, Gabon, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), New Zealand, Norway, Oman, [...]

Human Trafficking, Forced Labor and Seafood Q&A

A recent Associated Press (AP) article has exposed the harsh realities of human trafficking and forced labor within seafood [...]

Human rights terminology, case studies, and links to IUU fishing

To reduce the prevalence of illegal fishing and labor violations, companies should source products that have been harvested and [...]

EJF strongly recommends that Thailand remain on Tier 3 in the 2015 TIP Report

Exiting News from FishWise! Project Manager Ashley Greenley has been selected for the Conservation Alliance’s first inaugural fellowship program! [...]

HR 774: Bill to combat IUU fishing garners bipartisan support

On February 5th, 2015 Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo (D — GU) and five other members of Congress from both sides [...]

New Guidelines and Website Help Businesses Evaluate and Source from Fishery Improvement Projects

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions released today updated guidelines for fisheries that want to improve their environmental performance [...]

FishWise and Experts Identify Solutions for Legal and Traceable Wild-Caught Fish Products

The Expert Panel on Legal and Traceable Wild Fish Products is a multi-disciplinary expert group convened to promote a [...]

2015 Seafood Summit Pre-Conference Traceability Workshop

As part of the 2015 Seafood Summit in New Orleans last month, FishWise helped to organize and moderate the [...]

Informative resources for seafood-related human rights issues

At the 2015 SeaWeb Seafood Summit plenary “Preventing Human Rights Abuses In Seafood Supply Chains”, six panelists spoke out about the [...]

FishWise examines human rights in seafood with North American and European eNGOs

Human rights have recently become a focal point in sustainable seafood conversations worldwide. Environmental non-governmental organizations (eNGOs) work closely [...]

FishWise convenes seafood-focused human rights meetings

FishWise recently organized a plenary and luncheon to facilitate collaboration among stakeholders working to address human rights and labor [...]

NOAA report to Congress names IUU countries

Earlier this month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published its biannual report to Congress on illegal, unreported, [...]

FishWise’s Ashley Greenley Selected for Prestigious Fellowship

Exiting News from FishWise! Project Manager Ashley Greenley has been selected for the Conservation Alliance’s first inaugural fellowship program! [...]

Safeway and Fair Trade USA Launch the World’s First Fair Trade Certified™ Seafood

OAKLAND and PLEASANTON, CA (February 19, 2015) — Today Safeway and nonprofit organization Fair Trade USA announce a new partnership [...]

Best choice rating for farmed salmon means new offerings from partner Hy-Vee

For the first time, the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program has given salmon farmed in freshwater net pens [...]

FishWise Partner Sea Delight LLC Announces Sustainable Seafood Policy

Miami, FL — February 10, 2015 — Sea Delight, LLC ( the industry leader in providing the finest seafood products [...]

Mariah Boyle Named Traceability Division Director

In January 2015, longtime FishWise Project Director Mariah Boyle was promoted to the new position of Traceability Division Director. [...]

Meet Our Latest Producer Partner: Princess Seafood

  FishWise is very proud to introduce Princess Seafood – our newest Producer Partner. The all-female operation is skippered [...]

Hy-Vee’s Responsible Sourcing Commitment for Seafood Moves into Second Year

Supermarket chain’s efforts to improve seafood sustainability remain strong WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (Feb. 4, 2015) – A year [...]

Meet Our Latest Producer Partner: Kuterra

  At the northern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the ‘Namgis First Nation has thrived on wild salmon [...]

Tackling Human Rights, IUU Fishing, and Traceability in Seafood- A collaborative effort!

By Aurora Alifano The current wave of globalization is dramatically increasing recognition of business ethics and the seafood industry [...]

Latest round of IUU red and yellow cards issued by the European Commission

By Sara Lewis Continuing its efforts to fight against illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing worldwide, the European Commission [...]

FishWise Update #3 on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant-derived Radiation

December 2014 Update As of November 10, 2014, monitoring efforts along the Pacific coast off the US and Canada [...]

The FDA’s Investigation into Seafood Mislabeling

By: Alanna Gisondo Most of us who work in the seafood sector are well aware that seafood fraud and [...]

Labor Abuse in the Seafood Industry Captures Media Attention

By: Aurora Alifano Labor and human rights violations in the global seafood industry have been documented for years. Media [...]

Lessons learned from the Global Outlook on Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) conference

By: Kathleen Mullen-Ley I recently had the pleasure of participating in a retail panel discussion at the Global Aquaculture [...]

Andronico’s Community Markets Launches New Responsible Seafood Program

Andronico’s Community Markets partners with non-profit FishWise to offer customers responsibly sourced seafood options San Leandro, CA, September 12, 2014 [...]

FishWise Responds to Presidential Task Force Combatting IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud

On June 17, 2014 President Obama released a memorandum entitled “Establishing a Comprehensive Framework to Combat Illegal, Unreported and [...]

New Future of Fish Report Provides Traceability Technology Guidance for Seafood Companies

A valuable new report released by the nonprofit Future of Fish last month highlights the business case for improved [...]

New Financial Tool Launched for Seafood Traceability

In 2014, the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) launched a new tool aimed at [...]

Restoring Wildlife May Help Stop Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

  As some natural resources – including certain seafood species – continue to diminish, resource harvesters must work harder [...]

Illegal Chinese Fishing Vessel Captured in International Enforcement Effort

As part of FishWise’s ongoing efforts to track news related to Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, we are [...]

Fukushima Update No. 2: What you need to know about radiation in the Pacific

Overview FishWise is continuing to follow the status of the radioactive plume of seawater from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear [...]

Fishwise Releases Briefing on Human Trafficking and Abuse in Thailand’s Shrimp Supply Chains

FishWise has closely followed recent criticism directed at the Thai government for labor and human rights abuses occurring in [...]

Update on the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant: What you need to know about radiation in Pacific Seafood

In March 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan suffered major damage when it was hit by [...]

FishWise Authors White Paper on Human Rights Abuses in Seafood Supply Chains

FishWise, a nonprofit sustainable seafood consultancy, has authored a new white paper on human rights abuses in seafood supply [...]

Human Trafficking and Imported Seafood

Photo by: Mike Markovina/Marine Photobank While environmental sustainability is now a common topic for discussion during seafood procurement, less [...]

Update on Fukushima: Should We Be Worried About Radioactive Seafood?

In March 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan suffered major damage when it was hit by [...]

Genetically Engineered Salmon and the Pledge for GE-Free Seafood

Today, Greenpeace U.S.A. released the seventh edition of its Carting Away the Oceans report, which rates U.S. seafood retailers on [...]

FDA Seafood List & Acceptable Market Names

Following our recent focus on seafood mislabeling, FishWise has conducted further outreach to the FDA to better understand the [...]

International Fisheries Stewardship and Enforcement Act, S. 269

The International Fisheries Stewardship and Enforcement Act (IFSEA; S. 269) complements other legislation, such as S.267, to help eliminate [...]

Pirate Fishing Elimination Act, S. 267

The Pirate Fishing Elimination Act (PFEA; S. 267) seeks to implement the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s Port [...]

Congratulations to FishWise Partners Safeway and Target!

Fishwise is proud to announce that two of our retailer partners have been placed on the Ethisphere Institutes “World’s [...]

Safety and Fraud Enforcement for Seafood Act

On March 6, 2013, Edward Markey (D-MA) introduced a bill in the House of Representatives (HR 1012) to combat [...]

Summary of the Oceana Report on Seafood Mislabeling in the US

FishWise read the recent Oceana study on nationwide seafood fraud and compiled the highlights of the 70-page report for you [...]

City Market Now Burlington’s Best Choice for Seafood

Burlington, VT — City Market has partnered with FishWise, a non-profit organization focused on the health and recovery of [...]

‘Fish Meat’: Inviting Viewers to Explore the Challenges and Accomplishments of Aquaculture

As the global human population continues to rise, the world’s appetite for seafood steadily increases. However, the oceans’ supply [...]

Protecting the Priceless

What do rhinoceroses, elephants, and bluefin tuna have in common? They are all species that are difficult to conserve [...]

Much Ado About King Crab!

King crab is amongst some of winter’s finest offerings from the sea. Yet before you enjoy a much-deserved crab [...]

2012 FishWise Wrap-Up

As FishWise begins to wrap up our year in preparation for the holidays, we are all looking ahead, planning [...]

Supplement the Traditional Thanksgiving Meal With Local, Sustainable Dungeness Crab!

Happy Thanksgiving from the FishWise Team! This week, thousands will gather with their families and friends to celebrate what [...]

Victory over Seismic Testing in California

Environmental groups, wildlife enthusiasts, tribal leaders, and ocean users are celebrating yesterday’s victory over the proposed Pacific Gas and [...]

FishWise is SeaweedArt’s Partner of the Month

This November, FishWise is excited to announce that we have been chosen by local greeting card extraordinaire, Beth Shady, [...]

Harvester: The California Urchin Diver Experience

This short video, voted “Best Student Film” at the 2008 Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival, explores the world and [...]

FishWise at Oysterfest 2012

This past Saturday, FishWise attended the 4th annual Oysterfest at the Waterbar Restaurant in San Francisco. A benefit for [...]

FishWise at the Seafood Summit 2012

At this very moment, a team of FishWisers are making their way across the globe to attend the 10th [...]

Sustainability and Public Health

by Ashley Greenley It’s a tough job being a responsible consumer in this day of the information era, especially [...]

Sustainable Seafood Takes the Olympic Podium

We are not only cheering for our favorite teams in the London 2012 Olympics here at FishWise, we are [...]

Changing Tides: Exciting Trends in Seafood

Two articles caught our eye this week, signaling what we hope could become continuing trends in seafood consumption. The [...]

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2012

Earlier this month, The Thirtieth Session of The Committee on Fisheries presented The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture [...]

FishWise: Coming to a Venue Near You Soon!

FishWise continues to engage the public at all levels, making sustainable seafood education available to the masses. Providing education [...]

30th Session of COFI and a New Stop IUU Fishing Award

The Thirtieth Session of the The Committee on Fisheries (COFI), is being held in Rome this week at the [...]

Unmanaged Forage Species To Be Considered for Protection Along the US West Coast

The importance of small fish species in the oceans is often overshadowed by the charisma of top predators such [...]

Day on the Bay with The Clean Oceans Project

Yesterday, FishWise’s Victoria Galitzine was invited to go on a sailing and trash collection mission in San Francisco Bay [...]

How FishWise is Helping Target Reach Their Corporate Responsibility Goals

This week, FishWise partner, Target released its most recent Corporate Responsibility Report. In this report, they update their progress [...]

Reducing Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported (IUU) Fishing

This is a guest post from Tami Weiss who is working with FishWise for the summer through a fellowship [...]

World Oceans Day Blue Drinks

    The Blue Drinks Santa Cruz gathering on June 12th in celebration of World Oceans Day was a [...]

A Day on The Bay-FishWise Goes Fishing

Yesterday, the FishWise team chartered the 60 foot Stagnaro Sportfishing vessel Velocity for a day of fishing on the [...]

Let’s Celebrate World Oceans Day!

Every day at FishWise we recognize the importance of our oceans: their role in our planet’s ecosystem and, of [...]

FishWise’s Tobias Aguirre Honored as a Seafood Watch Hero

FishWise now has our very own Seafood Watch Hero. Congratulations to our Executive Director Tobias Aguirre! Tobias was honored [...]

On the Docks with H&H Fresh Fish

It was a “healthy beautiful bay today” says local fisherman Hans Haveman as FishWise sat down to chat with [...]

The Elusive Price Premium

There’s a new research paper that holds promising results for eco-labeled seafood. This is a review of a Cathy [...]

Bristol Bay Update – And How YOU Can Help!

As outlined in a previous blog, Bristol Bay, Alaska is under threat by the development of a proposed gold, [...]

New tools to help you purchase responsible seafood coming to your local Safeway!

We just got good news from our partner Safeway the second largest supermarket chain in the U.S., that they recently [...]

David Suzuki Foundation and Living Oceans Society Reach Landmark Agreement with B.C. Groundfish Fishery

Canadian conservation groups The David Suzuki Foundation and Living Oceans Society recently reached a landmark agreement with the industry-led [...]

Spreading the Word, FishWise in the Community

FishWise understands that informed consumers play a key role in achieving the goal of creating and maintaining a sustainable [...]

World Ocean Summit – A Call to Action

By Mariah Boyle, FishWise Project Director Matt Owens, Tobias Aguirre, and I recently attended the World Oceans Summit in [...]

Here Comes FishWise at the International Boston Seafood Show

The FishWise Team has been busy getting ready for the International Boston Seafood Show coming up on March 11 [...]

Scientists in Search of Seafood in a Strange Land

While visiting Thailand on business, FishWise staff members Mariah Boyle and Meghan Frolli found themselves with a bit of [...]

Genetically Engineered Salmon Debate Continues

The fight to ensure the appropriate testing of genetically engineered (GE) salmon continues as Food & Water Watch, Consumers [...]

FishWise Attends Major International Forum on Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing

This week, FishWise’s Mariah Boyle is in London, England attending the 7th International Forum on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated [...]

Sustainable Seafood Symbolism in Chinese New Year Celebrations

By Elsie Tanadjaja Being an Indonesian of Chinese descent, I always celebrated Chinese New Year when I was growing [...]

Pirates, Poverty, and Fishing in West Africa – Mariah Boyle

The following piece was taken from the most recent FishWise newsletter. To sign up for our mailing list, please [...]

FishWise In South America

FishWise staff members recently travelled to South America to attend the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership [...]

Record Price for Bluefin Tuna – A Case of Dollars Over Sense

Yesterday, A Pacific bluefin tuna caught off northeastern Japan fetched a record $736,000 in the first auction of the [...]

New location for Sustainable Sushi Restaurant Tataki

Tataki, the first sustainable sushi restaurant in North America and a FishWise Restaurant Partner, opened its doors for the [...]

FishWise, Santa Monica Seafood and Trout Unlimited Join Forces to Conserve Bristol Bay Salmon

FishWise was contracted by Santa Monica Seafood in October, 2010 as a third-party manager of the Responsible Sourcing Vendor [...]

Good News, Bad News for Alaskan Crab Fisheries This Season

The 2011 Bristol Bay red king crab season is set to open at 12:00 noon next Saturday October 15th. [...]

Soup or Swim? Elsie’s Shark Tale

Do you like shark fin soup? The best answer I could come up with was, “I did like the [...]

Tilapia Swimming Towards the Top

The National Fisheries Institute released their annual report of the top 10 most popular seafood items consumed in the [...]

Honduras Designates Shark Sanctuary in Exclusive Economic Zone

Good news for sharks this week! Honduran president Porfirio Lobo Sosa signed a bill into law on Friday to [...]

Free Android App Designed to Encourage the Release of Mako Sharks

Last week, the NOAA Fisheries’ Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Management Division released a new app for Android phones that [...]

Invasive Species: Is Eating Our Problem the Solution?

Would you eat an invasive species? That is exactly what some environmental groups and scientists are suggesting the US [...]

Fate of China’s Fisheries Unknown Following Bohai Sea Oil Spill

A recent oil spill in China’s Bohai Sea has raised concerns about the lasting impacts the incident may have to [...]

FishWise at Outside Lands’ Music Festival!

Do you know what goes together better than sunshine and fresh fish on the BBQ? Live music and learning [...]

A Healthy Guide to Sustainable Cooking Part 1 – Sensational Sardines

A Special Feature Written by FishWise Intern and Food Enthusiast, Anna Brown Sardines are picking up the pace in [...]

A Healthy Guide to Sustainable Cooking Part 2 – Celebrating with Mussels

A Special Feature Written by FishWise Intern and Food Enthusiast, Anna Brown At the end of last week, I [...]

The Pacific Fisheries Management Council and Advisory Bodies Convene This Month to Discuss West Coast Fisheries Management Plans

The Pacific Fisheries Management Council is set to convene September 12-19, 2011 in San Mateo, California to discuss amendments [...]

Safeway Inc. Announces FishWise Partnership

PLEASANTON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Safeway Inc., one of the nation’s largest grocery retailers, today announced it will join forces with FishWise [...]