Dr. Marc Mangel

Created on Friday, 01 December 2017

Dr. Marc Mangel is Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematical Biology and Director of the Center for Stock Assessment Research (CSTAR) at the University of California Santa Cruz, where he has served since 1996. He also acts as the Senior Scientific Advisor for MRAG Americas. MRAG Americas is an independent consulting business dedicated to promoting responsible, rational and sustainable utilization of aquatic resources. MRAG Americas performs multi-disciplinary projects for a variety of clients including international, governmental and non-governmental entities, as well as industrial and commercial companies.

From 1980-1996, Mangel was at the University of California Davis, where he served as Assistant, Associate and Full Professor. There, he was founding Director of the Center for Population Biology. His awards include, in part, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, 1987; Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship, Oxford University, 1988; George Gund Foundation Distinguished Environmental Scholar, Case Western Reserve University,1992; Distinguished Statistical Ecologist, International Association for Ecology, 1998; Mote Eminent Scholar, Florida State University, 2000; Fellow, California Academy of Sciences, 2000; Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2003; UCSC Academic Senate Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003; Frohlich Fellow, CSIRO Hobart, 2006; Astor Lecturer, University of Oxford, 2007; Kaeser Lecturer University of Wisconsin, 2008; Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2009; and an honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Guelph, 2014.

Between 2010 and 2013, Mangel was the independent scientific expert called by Australia for the case in the International Court of Justice concerning Japanese special permit whaling in the southern ocean. In 2014, the Court ruled that the Japanese program was contrary to international law.

Mangel has numerous journal publications and books that include, in part, Dynamic State Variable Models in Ecology: Methods and Applications (with Colin Clark, 2000, Oxford), and The Theoretical Biologist’s Toolbox. Quantitative methods for ecology and evolutionary biology (Cambridge, 2007). He has supervised more than 50 undergraduate research projects or senior theses, 30 PhD students and 30 post-doctoral colleagues.

FishWise is deeply grateful to Marc Mangel for his leadership from the organization’s inception through to his retirement from the Board in December 2020.