New Improvements to

Created on Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Since its launch in October 2016, has become the one-stop shop for information on the progress of global fishery improvement projects (FIPs). With more than 45 FIP profiles currently listed and new profiles appearing each month, the site provides buyers the consistent, verified information they need to make decisions about whether FIPs meet their sustainable seafood commitments.

And now sourcing from FIPs using is getting even easier. Thanks to a partnership between and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), each FIP profile on the site now has an A-E progress rating associated with it.

Progress ratings make it easy for potential buyers to understand how quickly a FIP is making progress toward its end goals. Until now, these ratings were only accessible on SFP’s FishSource database. The ratings are derived using a methodology that has been endorsed by the Conservation Alliance and uses publicly available data uploaded by FIPs to SFP’s FIP Directory, individual FIP websites, and more recently

FishWise is excited about this new addition to so that our partners have all the necessary information available when making decisions about which FIPs best meet their commitments. “Having all of this information available in one place, at one time with the click of a button has been a long time coming,” notes Ethan Lucas, Project Director at FishWise. “ has quickly become an essential tool in our toolbox to help ensure that the sourcing guidance we provide to industry partners is accurate and complete.”

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