Our Business Partners

Leading by Example

FishWise partners lead the charge toward creating a more sustainable and socially responsible seafood industry. We couple innovative business approaches with sound science and conservation strategies in a way that enables its business partners to capitalize on the sustainability challenge.





FishWise provides clear guidance and actionable, step-by-step programs that help seafood businesses become more environmentally responsible. Our retailer partners are seen as the most sustainable in the country, based on the rigor of their purchasing policies, commitment to transparency, and willingness to act as leaders on critical policy issues. Our supplier partners, situated in the middle of the supply chain, work hard to source the most responsible products, encourage their suppliers to improve, and deliver quality information and service to their customers. FishWise’s producer partners are equally impressive in the industry, often deploying cutting edge technology that minimizes environmental impacts. FishWise’s restaurant partners show that it is possible to run profitable and environmentally responsible sushi bars.