FishWise and Pescavore Announce New Partnership

Created on Thursday, 06 June 2019

FishWise is pleased to formally announce our partnership with Healthy Oceans Seafood Company, creators of Pescavore, a one-of-a-kind seafood snack that combines quality and convenience with responsible sourcing and production. Healthy Oceans Seafood Company, the parent company of Pescavore, became a FishWise producer partner in 2018 and was co-founded by Matthew Owens, former Managing Director of FishWise.

Healthy Oceans was co-founded by Matt’s wife and business partner Clarice, who comes to the company from a career in Aerospace Engineering. With full-time dedication, Clarice is responsible for the day-to-day management of Healthy Oceans and Pescavore. Matt is presently the Director of Sustainability for Tri Marine, one of the world’s largest suppliers of tuna, where he is an industry leader in promoting responsible fisheries management and equitable treatment of fisherman and fish processors.

The idea for a locally caught and produced seafood snack came from a 2012 trip to Micronesia. Clarice and Matt came across a local food artisanally produced by Marshallese fishing families. Thin sticks of fish were delicately seasoned with ginger and local spices to produce a fish snack with a perfect touch of wild gamey flavor. The couple returned home eager to re-create this wonderful high protein snack.

What followed over the next few years was tireless work and investment to design minimally processed, sustainable, and delectable seafood proteins. The methods for manufacturing the innovative Pescavore strips were developed from the techniques of indigenous peoples in the Makah and Quileute territories of the Pacific Northwest and from Alaskan and Pacific Northwest fisherman. The process was then applied to tuna caught in coastal California. The tuna is hand cut, marinated in delicious recipes of all-natural, gluten-free ingredients, and then smoked in small batches to maintain the flavor, moisture, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. The final step is packaging the jerky strips in convenient shelf-stable pouches. This is U.S. catch, processed in the U.S and is traceable directly to the vessel and Captain displayed on each pack.

Pescavore entered the market in September 2018 with three innovative flavors in 1.5 oz single serve packs: Island Teriyaki, Caribbean Jerk, and Smokey Poké. Pescavore is now available in 120 doors including 50 Safeway stores, Andronico’s Community Markets (a FishWise partner), and Santa Cruz locally owned seafood counters and responsible retailers such as H&H Fresh Fish Market and Shopper’s Corner. Pescavore is a partner of regional seafood distributor Lusamerica Foods and a member of the United Natural Foods Incorporated (UNFI) NEXT program for emergent, category defining brands. Healthy Oceans has ambitions for rapid growth and extension of sustainably caught and resource smart U.S. seafood to everywhere jerky and seafood is sold. Businesses interested in retailing products can receive samples for evaluation. Please direct inquiries to