FishWise Board Members Receive Recognition for Achievement in their Fields

Created on Friday, 14 December 2018

FishWise celebrates, congratulations and offers our deep appreciation to Board members Marc Mangel and Ellen Pikitch who have each been recognized this month for outstanding achievement in fisheries science and ocean conservation. Marc Mangel, Ph.D., received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB) recognizing “sustained contributions of significant publications, exceptional service to the fishery profession, outstanding teaching or training programs, important discoveries or inventions and significant contributions to the advancement of fishery science.” Dr. Mangel was commended for his contributions to fishery biology, and the scientific merit and broad-reaching impacts of his research.

Ellen Pikitch, Ph.D., is the inaugural Endowed Professor in Ocean Conservation Science in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at Stony Brook University. Recognized as “one of the world’s leading experts in ocean conservation,” Dr. Pikitch is, through this position, being offered the opportunity to continue to “expand her transformational work while educating the next generation of leaders in ocean conservation.”

These exemplary individuals have made many contributions to FishWise over the years – Dr. Mangel has served on the Board since our founding and Dr. Pikitch joined in 2013 – for which we are especially thankful.

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