Jodie King, B.S.

As Office Manager, Jodie is responsible for supporting and facilitating the day-to-day operations while performing a wide range of [...]

Leslie Howitt, M.Res.

As Data Project Manager, Leslie works with the rest of the data team to build and maintain the data [...]

Chase Martin, M.A.S.

Chase leads FishWise’s internal and external communications channels and activities. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from [...]

Michelle Beritzhoff-Law, M.S.

As a Project Director, Michelle works with FishWise’s retail partners to develop and implement sustainable seafood programs in line [...]

Scott Kennedy, B.A.

As Project Director, Scott works closely with FishWise retail and distributor partners on program implementation, sourcing support, and data [...]

Ethan Y. Lucas, M.M.A.

As Project Director, Ethan leads the Sea Delight distributor partnership and tackles FishWise research needs for fishery improvement projects [...]

Kathleen Mullen-Ley, M.A.S.

As Project Director, Kathleen leads the FishWise major retailer partnerships with Target Corporation (1,700+ stores) and Hy-Vee, Inc. (240 [...]

Meg Songer, B.S.

As a Project Manager, Meg provides support to FishWise retailer partners, manages sourcing information, in addition to developing and [...]

Erin Taylor, B.A.

As Senior Project Manager, Erin works closely with the Distributor Division Director to research, co-develop, and execute innovative and [...]

Jessie Zupcic, M.S.

In her role as Project Manager, Jessie provides general support for the Albertsons Companies partnership and oversees their Responsible [...]

Tobias Aguirre, M.P.I.A.

Tobias Aguirre is a thought-leader in sustainable seafood known for bringing diverse stakeholders into collaborative relationships in order to [...]

Arne Croce, M.P.A.

As Chief Financial Officer, Arne oversees financial and administrative responsibilities and priorities for FishWise. Prior to joining FishWise Arne [...]

Ashley Greenley, M.S.

Ashley leads FishWise’s business engagement team, overseeing partnerships with the Albertsons Companies (2200+ stores), Target Corporation (1900+ stores), Hy-Vee [...]

Lara Kilpatrick, B.A.

In her role, Lara is charged with advancing FishWise’s mission through nurturing relationships with individuals and institutions who share [...]

Elsie Tanadjaja, M.S.

As Tuna and Data Director, Elsie leads the work with tuna and with data systems. Collaborating with NGOs and [...]

Brooke Towne, B.A.

As Controller and Human Resources Director, Brooke is responsible for leading, implementing and delivering human resources programs and services [...]

Aurora Alifano, M.S.

As Project Director, Aurora leads multi-stakeholder initiatives to improve business practices that protect human and labor rights within the [...]

Jenny Barker, M.P.A

As the Chief of Party of SALT, Jenny leads the public-private partnership with USAID, Walton Family, Packard, and Moore [...]

Sarah Calhoun, M.S.

As Project Manager, Sarah provides support for partnerships as part of the Traceability Division. She is responsible for planning [...]

Jen Cole, M.S.

As Senior Project Manager, Jen researches and develops initiatives to improve business practices that protect human and labor rights [...]

Alanna Gisondo, M.E.M.

As a Project Director in the Traceability Division, Alanna works with FishWise partners and a diverse range of stakeholders [...]

Lindsay Jennings, M.P.S.

As Project Manager, Lindsay supports the Traceability Division by developing tools to improve seafood traceability, eliminate illegally harvested products [...]

Sara Lewis, M.A., M.E.S.

As Project Director, Sara works closely with the Traceability Division Director to research, develop, and assess traceability tools and [...]

Traci Linder, M.S.

As Project Manager, Traci develops tools to improve seafood traceability and combat illegal fishing and human rights violations. She [...]

Mark Richardson, M.S., M.P.A.

As Senior Project Director, Mark oversees all traceability and human rights work with FishWise’s seafood industry business partners. Working [...]

Cora Sorenson, M.B.A., M.P.P.

As Project Manager, Cora develops guidance to support the seafood industry’s efforts to address human and labor rights issues [...]

Amy West, M.Sc.

As Project Manager, Amy supports SALT— the public-private partnership with USAID, Walton Family, Packard, and Moore Foundations— that aims to improve fisheries management and [...]

Nathan Zetterberg, M.A.M.

As Project Manager, Nathan researches and develops initiatives to improve business practices that protect human and labor rights within [...]