Misty Grijalva, B.S.

As Administrative Assistant, Misty supports the overall operations, finance, and human resources functions within FishWise. Earning her Bachelor of [...]

Danielle Williams, B.S.

Danielle supports FishWise with public-facing digital communications, media, and partnerships.


The ALDI SOUTH Group and ALDI Nord Group have more than 12,000 stores across 20 countries, including Germany, the [...]

Jenny Barker, M.P.A

Jenny Barker is the Executive Director of FishWise. She has worked with the organization for five years, previously serving [...]


The ALDI SOUTH Group and ALDI Nord Group have more than 12,000 stores across 20 countries, including Germany, the [...]

Chris Young, B.S.

As Senior Project Manager in the Data and Technology Division, Chris is helping FishWise meet its goals by developing [...]

Iberostar Group

Iberostar Group is a 100% family-owned Spanish multinational company based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) that has been operating [...]

Adzan Adlan, M.S.

Adzan Adlan is supporting FishWise through compiling and assessing data. Before joining FishWise – inspired by interests in data [...]

The Venetian Resort

The iconic Venetian Resort Las Vegas is comprised of three all-suite towers, boasting standard accommodations nearly double the size [...]

Santa Monica Seafood

Santa Monica Seafood is a family-owned and operated seafood distributor based in Southern California with a history stretching back to [...]

Sea Delight, LLC

Sea Delight, LLC, was founded in 2006 in the Doral area of Miami, Florida, as an initiative that sought [...]

Dan Baron, M.S.

As Senior Project Director, Data & Technology, Dan oversees data collection, analysis, and reporting for our seafood consultancy partners. [...]

North Atlantic, Inc. and Bali Seafood International

North Atlantic, Inc. (NAI) is an importer of wild-caught seafood serving both traditional and emerging food retail channels. Since 1986, [...]

Jodie King, B.S.

As Administrative Services Manager, Jodie is responsible for supporting and facilitating the day-to-day operations while performing a wide range [...]

Albertsons Companies

Albertsons Companies is one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States, with both a strong [...]

Michelle Beritzhoff-Law, M.S.

As a Senior Project Director, Michelle leads our partnership with Albertsons Companies (2200+ stores nationwide), which covers fresh and [...]

Jack Cheney, M.M.A.

Jack works within the Business Engagement Division helping our partners meet their sustainable seafood sourcing goals by using the best available [...]

Co-op Food Stores

Co-op Food Stores, with two locations in New Hampshire (Lebanon and Hanover) and one location in Vermont (White River [...]

BriarPatch Co-op

BriarPatch Co-Op is a cooperatively owned business and the leading natural food store in Nevada County, CA. BriarPatch seeks to [...]

Ethan Y. Lucas, M.M.A.

As Project Director, Ethan leads the Sea Delight distributor partnership and tackles FishWise research needs for fishery improvement projects [...]

An Nguyen, B.A.

As Senior Project Manager, An leverages her background in environmental policy, research, and communications to FishWise’s business partnerships. She [...]

City Market Onion River Co-Op

Partnered with FishWise since late 2012, the Onion River Co-op is a consumer cooperative, with over 8,600 members, selling wholesome food [...]

Davis Food Co-op

Davis Food Co-op of Davis, CA is a member-owned full-line supermarket with an emphasis on health and sustainability. It specializes [...]

Erin Taylor, B.A.

As Deputy Chief of Party, Erin works across FishWise’s divisions to co-develop and execute innovative and collaborative work streams [...]

Nahla Achi, M.A.

As Senior Project Manager, Nahla researches and develops tools to promote labor and human rights in the seafood sector. [...]

Good Earth Natural Foods

Good Earth Natural Foods – with locations in Fairfax, CA and Tam Valley, CA – has the mission to provide [...]

Hy-Vee Inc.

Hy-Vee, Inc. is an employee-owned corporation operating over 280 retail stores in eight Midwestern states. Hy-Vee is dedicated to [...]

Jessie Zupcic, M.S.

In her role as Project Director, Jessie runs our partnership with Hy-Vee, oversees Albertsons Companies’ Responsible Sushi Program, and [...]

Metcalfe’s Market

Metcalfe’s Market is a locally owned and operated market with two locations in Madison, Wisconsin and one in the heart [...]

The Natural Grocery Company

Employee owned since 2002, the Natural Grocery Company was founded in the early 1970s with a desire to nourish their community [...]

New Leaf Community Markets

New Leaf Markets are full-service natural food stores specializing in local and organic products. New Leaf is an independent [...]

Ashley Greenley, M.S.

Ashley leads FishWise’s business engagement team, overseeing partnerships with the Albertsons Companies (2200+ stores), Target Corporation (1900+ stores), Hy-Vee [...]

New Seasons Market

New Seasons Market, FishWise partner since 2016, is a West Coast neighborhood grocer with a people-first culture that builds [...]

Sara Lewis, M.A., M.E.S.

As FishWise Traceability Division Director, Sara leads work developing resources, and assessing traceability and anti-IUU best practices aimed at [...]

Kate O’Rourke, M.U.R.P.

As the Chief of Party, Kate brings 16 years of global operations and financial management experience to FishWise. Kate [...]

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-oporiginated as a food buying club in 1972 and opened a storefront of primarily bulk foods [...]

Surf Market

Surf Market is a high-end specialty grocer in the Gualala area of Northern California. Since 2005, Surf Market has [...]

Garrett Okrasinski, M.A.

As Project Director, Garrett researches and develops tools for the industry to improve supply chain ethics. Garrett works with [...]


Minneapolis-based Target Corporation serves guests at more than 1,800 stores and at Target.com. As one of the largest employers [...]

Wild Roots

Wild Roots Markets are full-service natural food stores specializing in local and organic products. With two locations situated in [...]

Sarah Caldwell (Calhoun), M.S.

As Project Director, Sarah is responsible for planning and executing traceability and counter-illegal, unreported, unregulated (IUU) fishing research projects [...]

American Prawn Cooperative

The mission of the American Prawn Cooperative (partner since 2011 and FishChoice featured supplier) is to provide enhanced marketing services and [...]

American Tuna

American Tuna (partner since 2008 and FishChoice featured supplier) is a collective of six fishing families from San Diego that specialize [...]

Lindsay Ceron (Jennings), M.P.S.

As Senior Project Director, Lindsay supports the Traceability Division by developing tools to improve seafood traceability, eliminate illegally harvested [...]

Hanae Matsui, B.S.

As the SALT senior project manager, Hanae supports the team’s operations and communications efforts. Growing up in both Japan [...]


Australis Aquaculture (partner since 2008) is an award-winning producer of Barramundi raised offshore in Central Vietnam, bringing innovative “Climate-Smart [...]

Nina Rosen, M.A.S.

As Project Manager, Nina provides support for the Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) and Traceability Division. Nina’s [...]

Bettencourt Fisheries

Bettencourt Fisheries (partner since 2011 and FishChoice featured supplier) is a family owned and operated commercial fishing business based just [...]

Blue North

Blue North (partner since 2014 and FishChoice featured supplier) is a sustainable natural resources company that features fishing as a [...]

Alyssa Withrow, MENV

As Project Manager, Alyssa supports the Traceability Division through research, development, and execution of work plans on traceability and [...]

Cascade Aqua Farms

Cascade Aqua Farms (partner since 2006 and a FishChoice featured supplier) is a Green rated ‘Best Choice’ U.S. Arctic [...]

The Catfish Institute

The Catfish Institute (partner since 2007) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish around the [...]

Greene Prairie Aquafarm

Greene Prairie Aquafarm (partner since 2010 and FishChoice featured supplier) is Alabama’s first inland farm dedicated to saltwater shrimp. They are [...]

EcoFish, Inc.

EcoFish, Inc. (partner since 2007 and FishChoice featured supplier), formerly Henry and Lisa’s Natural Seafood, is a seafood processor and [...]

Kelley K. Bell

As FishWise Social Responsibility Division Director, Kelley leads strategic partnerships with companies and other relevant stakeholders to advance the [...]

Iowa’s First

Iowa’s First (partner since 2014) is a family-run operation located in central Iowa and FishChoice featured supplier. They believe [...]

Kwik’ Pak

Kwik’Pak (partner since 2008 and FishChoice featured supplier) is a buyer and processor of salmon from the Lower Yukon River [...]


A FishWise Producer Partner since 2015 and a FishChoice featured supplier, Kuterra is a British Columbia land-based Atlantic salmon facility. [...]

Lauren Farms, Inc.

Lauren Farms, Inc. (partner since 2010 and FishChoice featured supplier) raise freshwater prawns and catfish from egg to harvest at [...]

Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild, a partner since 2016 and FishChoice featured supplier, is a seafood co-operative based out of Bellingham, [...]

Marvesta Shrimp Farms

Marvesta Shrimp Farms (partner since 2010) raise sustainable green-ranked shrimp in Maryland and deliver fresh products to restaurants and consumers. [...]

McAdam’s Fish

A FishWise Producer Partner since 2014, McAdam’s Fish specializes in MBA Green rated, MSC certified, pole & line caught albacore tuna from [...]

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon (partner since 2015 and FishChoice supplier member) raises high-quality freshwater king salmon – a Seafood Watch ‘Best [...]

Mt. Lassen Trout

Mt. Lassen Trout (partner since 2015 and FishChoice featured supplier) has been producing rainbow trout since 1949 using cold, [...]

Passmore Ranch

Passmore Ranch (partner since 2010 and FishChoice featured supplier) is a freshwater fish producer in the foothills of Northern California. [...]


Pescavore (partner since 2018) is a new player in the shelf-stable seafood category. Their specialty is creating innovative and [...]

Positively Groundfish

Positively Groundfish (partner since 2018) is a non-profit trade association based in Brookings, Oregon. By building consumer demand for [...]

Princess Seafood LLC

Princess Seafood LLC (FishWise Producer Partner since 2015) is an all-female operation skippered by Heather Sears. Based out of [...]

Quixotic Farming

Quixotic Farming (partner since 2013 and FishChoice featured supplier) is a Green rated ‘best choice’ U.S. tilapia producer based out [...]


Riverence (partner since 2018 and FishChoice supplier) is a sustainable, land-based producer of gourmet trout from the U.S.A. Their [...]

Salty Girl Seafood

Salty Girl Seafood (partner since 2016 and a FishChoice featured supplier) is a Santa Barbara, CA based business that believes that [...]

Scottish Seas

Scottish Seas (partner since 2017) is a co-operative of Scottish fishermen working together to bring the best of wild Scottish [...]

Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC)

Seafood Producers Cooperative (partner since 2015 and a FishChoice featured supplier) is North America’s oldest and most successful fishermen’s cooperative whose [...]

Sol Azul

Sol Azul (partner since 2009 and FishChoice featured supplier) was founded in 1994 and has become Mexico’s largest controlled producer [...]

Sunburst Trout Farms

Sunburst Trout Farms (partner since 2007 and a FishChoice featured supplier) is a family-run operation located deep in the beautiful [...]

Sun Shrimp

Sun Shrimp (partner since 2014 and a FishChoice featured supplier) is a closed-containment aquaculture facility cultivating Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus [...]

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

Tsar Nicolai Caviar (partner since 2008 and FishChoice featured supplier) is a California-based American White Sturgeon farm that produces caviar which is [...]

Tonka Seafoods, Inc.

Tonka Seafoods Inc. (partner since 2008 and FishChoice featured supplier) is one of the last companies in Alaska to can [...]

Wild Planet

Wild Planet (partner since 2007 and FishChoice featured supplier) is an albacore tuna canner based out of northern California that [...]

Wood’s Fisheries

Wood’s Fisheries, Inc. (partner since 2009 and FishChoice featured supplier) has been providing high quality wild American shrimp to customers [...]