Adzan Adlan, M.S.

Created on Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Adzan Adlan is supporting FishWise through compiling and assessing data. Before joining FishWise – inspired by interests in data systems and analytics – Adzan attended Heriot-Watt University’s International Centre for Island Technology in the Orkney Islands, where he earned a M.S. in marine data science. For his master’s thesis, he analyzed spatial shifts in the regional abundance of nine demersal fish species within the greater North Sea and Celtic Seas, and produced predictive models that observed the impacts of climate change. Adzan earned a B.A. in environmental studies & biology at UC Santa Cruz, where he participated in fisheries research projects at both the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center and the Palkovacs Lab.

Born in central California, Adzan spent his formative years living between southern California and his homeland Malaysia, where his interest in fish and seafood sustainability grew early on. It was on these trips that he was exposed to various fish species sold in local fish markets, local artisanal fisheries, small-scale aquaculture, and coastal conservation.