Dan Baron, M.S.

Created on Wednesday, 02 January 2019

As Senior Project Director, Data & Technology, Dan oversees data collection, analysis, and reporting for our seafood consultancy partners. Dan also manages major IT initiatives at FishWise, including data-oriented online platforms, customer relationship management (CRM), and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Before joining FishWise, Dan was CEO of NatureFootage, a comprehensive niche collection of nature stock footage from 500+ leading cinematographers worldwide. Dan gained expertise in the development of online platforms, cloud computing, machine learning, and the design and management of database-driven solutions to streamline technology and business workflows. Dan has extensive experience in marine science. As an environmental consultant for over 5 years, Dan specialized in wetland restoration around San Francisco Bay. Dan has a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Marine Biology from California State University East Bay, including research and coursework at Moss Landing Marine Lab and the Romberg Tiburon Marine Lab. He is a certified Scientific Diver with UC Berkeley and conducted research abroad, including Mexico, the Caribbean, and French Polynesia. Dan’s unique combination of science and technology expertise greatly benefits FishWise, as a leader in innovative solutions for seafood sustainability.