Elsie Tanadjaja, M.S.

Created on Friday, 01 December 2017

As Tuna and Data Director, Elsie leads the work with tuna and with data systems. Collaborating with NGOs and the seafood industry, Elsie monitors global tuna issues and develops and implements strategies for FishWise business partners to improve tuna conservation in their supply chains. With the data team, Elsie designs systems to monitor the sustainability performance of our partners. Elsie also facilitates data collaboration with NGOs to streamline processes and enable a wider use of data to support broader sustainability goals and metrics. Being fluent in Indonesian, she is also a great asset to engaging with fishery improvements projects in the Indo-Pacific region. Elsie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology and a minor in Asian American studies from University of California Santa Barbara. She holds a master’s degree in marine science from Moss Landing Marine Lab where she did research focused on ocean acidification. With research and environmental conservation experiences across the United States, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Mexico, Elsie integrates a multi-cultural perspective into her knowledge and understanding of human and ocean interactions.