Garrett Okrasinski, M.A.

Created on Tuesday, 20 August 2019

As Project Director, Garrett researches and develops tools for the industry to improve supply chain ethics. Garrett works with the Social Responsibility team and industry partners to support the continued improvements, and drive engagement with the RISE platform. She has a diverse background, but most recently was working in Corporate Social Responsibility for Starbucks Coffee Corporation and Nordstrom Inc. Garrett focuses her work on how to improve business practices to support workers throughout the supply chain. Her interest in human rights started at a young age from passionate high school teachers who came from the corporate world. From there, Garrett earned her undergraduate degree in International Studies from the University of San Francisco with a focus in peace and conflict. After working in global health and social entrepreneurship, she earned her master’s in International Studies from the University of Washington where she focused on resource security. Garrett has always been interested in the ocean and seeks opportunities to surround herself by water. She is an avid sailor, white water rafter, swimmer, and recreational fisher and harvester.