Meg Songer, B.S.

Created on Friday, 01 December 2017

As a Project Manager, Meg provides support to FishWise retailer partners, manages sourcing information, in addition to developing and implementing training programs. Her work facilitates the implementation and maintenance of retailers’ environmentally responsible seafood programs in addition to providing consumers with the tools to make informed purchasing choices. Meg holds a Bachelor of Science in anthropology and environmental studies as well as a Bachelor of Science in liberal studies with concentrations in natural sciences, social sciences, and fine art from Iowa State University. Upon graduation from university, Meg spent several years as a naturalist and marine science instructor on Catalina Island, California. While teaching in Stonington, Connecticut, Meg made interpersonal relationships with local commercial fishermen and incorporated their insights into hands-on marine science lesson plans. These experiences as an environmental educator served as Meg’s introductions to marine ecosystems and also point to the root of her commitment to marine conservation. Meg’s deep-seated passions for education, ecology and understanding human behavior make her well equipped to cultivate heightened awareness and action within the seafood industry.