Nahla Achi, M.A.

Created on Wednesday, 31 March 2021

As Senior Project Manager, Nahla researches and develops tools to promote labor and human rights in the seafood sector. Nahla works with the Social Responsibility team and industry partners to improve business practices and advance supply chain ethics. Before joining FishWise, Nahla worked at the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, researching social responsibility projects in tuna supply chains and marine resource conflict patterns. Her interest in human rights started while studying International Relations at Stanford University. She focused her Human Rights Capstone on understanding how different industries with complex supply chains have addressed labor issues. She pursued an M.A. in Earth Systems to explore this intersection and equip herself to work in the seafood space, where environmental sustainability and social responsibility are often interlinked. Nahla has always been inspired by the ocean and worked as a dive instructor for multiple years, seeking to share her love of the underwater world with others. She is also passionate about traveling, listening to people’s stories, climbing mountains, and has loved discovering California’s coast through surfing.