Nathan Zetterberg, M.A.M.

Created on Monday, 12 March 2018

As Project Director, Nathan researches and develops initiatives to improve business practices that protect human and labor rights within the seafood sector. Nathan was instrumental in the development of the RISE platform and other industry-focused reports, tools, and resources. Nathan is a frequent speaker at industry events, often presenting on human and labor rights issues and the solutions available to companies to help advance social responsibility. Nathan’s interest in human rights began while working at a social enterprise that supported victims of the Rwandan genocide, and his love for the water and marine conservation began at an early age, swimming and fishing in the Puget Sound in Washington State. Prior to joining FishWise, Nathan worked for three years at Nordstrom, Inc. on the corporate social responsibility team, where he engaged with suppliers around the world to ensure human rights and sustainability standards were upheld. Nathan has a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies and Master of Arts in Social and Sustainable Business Management from Seattle Pacific University. Nathan’s academic and professional experience make him uniquely equipped to support FishWise in facing the challenges of sustainability and social responsibility in the seafood sector.