North Atlantic, Inc. and Bali Seafood International

Created on Thursday, 01 August 2019

North Atlantic, Inc. (NAI) is an importer of wild-caught seafood serving both traditional and emerging food retail channels. Since 1986, NAI has guided top-tier retailers in ensuring supply chain visibility and responsible harvesting methods. PT Bali Seafood International, the Indonesian subsidiary of North Atlantic, Inc., is the parent company’s local processor and leads the development of their community-based fisheries management initiative. BSI exports fully traceable, wild-caught seafood. BSI has pioneered an integrated fisheries management model focusing on three key areas: 1) building local community support in pursuit of sustainable resource harvesting, 2) driving positive social impact in the communities in which it works, and 3) providing hook-to-plate transparency for its consumers.

FishWise will work with NAI/BSI to analyze sourcing data, advance their commitments to environmental and social responsibility, and increase transparency around these commitments. The partnership will also explore opportunities for aligning NAI/BSI’s integrated work with other key global sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. By capitalizing on FishWise’s expertise and network in North America, this partnership seeks to create market recognition for the on-the-ground impact NAI/BSI is developing and ensure fishermen are rewarded for participating in community-based fisheries management.

For more information, please contact NAI at 207-774-6025 or via email at