Sara Lewis, M.A., M.E.S.

Created on Friday, 01 December 2017

As Senior Project Director, Sara works closely with the Traceability Division Director to research, develop, and assess traceability tools and best practices. Sara assists in the development of reports and recommendations for FishWise partners and other members of the seafood industry, suggesting viable options for improving product traceability, and ridding seafood supply chains of illegally caught and mislabeled seafood products. She also leads FishWise’s engagement on the Presidential Task Force for Combatting IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud. Sara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and two masters degrees in environmental studies from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and the University of California, Santa Cruz respectively. Her academic and professional pursuits have provided Sara with ample opportunity to work with members of government, the conservation community, and the seafood industry internationally, giving her a diverse and unique perspective on marine sustainability issues globally.