Scott Kennedy, B.A.

Created on Friday, 01 December 2017

As Project Director, Scott works closely with FishWise retail and distributor partners on program implementation, sourcing support, and data collection. He is closely involved with the Albertsons Companies, Inc partnership, and also leads grant funding programs in fisheries and aquaculture improvement for Santa Monica Seafood and Sea Pact. After earning a BA in environmental studies with a focus on conservation from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Scott went on to work in abalone aquaculture for several years gaining insight into the dynamics of relationships between producers, distributors, and retailers, as well as experience in the field of sustainable aquaculture. He has also worked in retail seafood markets and restaurants, providing valuable experience at the end point of the seafood supply chain. Scott has been an avid fisherman, diver, and ocean enthusiast since a young age. His life long passions for the outdoors, marine conservation, and ecology, as well as his diverse work experience, make him well equipped to implement positive change within the seafood industry.