Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

Created on Thursday, 01 August 2019

Tsar Nicolai Caviar (partner since 2008 and FishChoice featured supplier) is a California-based American White Sturgeon farm that produces caviar which is comparable to and can easily replace other unsustainable wild options, such as the well-known Caspian products Beluga and Sevruga. Tsar Nicoulai is internationally recognized for its high-quality, sustainable caviar and many other sustainable products, such as naturally infused roes and Estate smoked sturgeon. Many fine restaurants across the United States carry Tsar Nicoulai products where world-renowned chefs vouch for the quality and flavor. Tsar Nicoulai has also won the coveted James Beard Award for their pioneering efforts and was the first American caviar to be sent to the International Space Station with NASA and SpaceX.

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