Selina Heppell

Created on Thursday, 05 September 2019

Selina Heppell, Ph.D., is Department Head and Professor of marine fisheries ecology at Oregon State University. She strives to bridge quantitative ecology and practical solutions to marine resource issues. Her work with biologists, fishermen and management agencies takes her all over the globe, and she often works with her husband, Scott, on fisheries research and teaching. Recently, she served as Chair of the Ecosystem Management Subcommittee for the Science and Statistical Committee of the Pacific Fishery Management Council. She regularly serves on advisory teams for marine conservation projects, including a National Research Council review of sea turtle assessment methods, the Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force, and the Ecosystem Science and Management Working Group for NOAA’s Science Advisory Board, as well as a variety of working groups and review panels for NOAA-Fisheries. Selina’s awards include Fishery Worker of the Year (Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society), Excellence in Leadership and other awards from OSU (College of Agricultural Sciences), and a nomination by the Carnegie Foundation for U.S. Professor of the Year.