Sharing Private Sector Experiences with SIMP

Common Ground

Since 2018, FishWise has solicited feedback from seafood companies across supply chains on their experiences with the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP). SIMP is the United States flagship import regulation currently covering 13 seafood species groups to detect and deter the import of fraudulent or illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) seafood products. FishWise’s work on SIMP aims to dig deeper than the typical talking points and identify where stakeholders align in asking for specific changes to the program. The results of our outreach are outlined in the reports below.


FishWise believes that the seafood industry can act as a powerful catalyst for change and that their perspectives are critical for ambitious and achievable regulatory processes. Through extensive private-sector outreach, we have identified a set of recommendations for strengthening SIMP implementation that reflect the considerable common ground between the seafood industry and NGOs. From here, our work will center on building collaborations and supporting industry advocacy.



In the coming months, FishWise will convene a series of dialogues with SIMP stakeholders to discuss further needs and proposed data and capacity-building solutions to support SIMP compliance.

Fall 2022 Data and Capacity Building Roundtable Summary Reports

Data Roundtable #3—Coming Spring 2023

More details to come
Discussion will center on training and updated guidance for importers and their suppliers, clarity around audits, and more

Capacity Building Roundtable #4—Coming Spring 2023

More details to come
Discussion will center on continued international governmental and private-sector outreach

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