About Us


Senior Leadership

Tobias Aguirre, M.I.A.

Chief Executive Officer

Ashley Greenley, M.S.

Business Engagement Division Director

Lara Kilpatrick, B.A.

Advancement Director

Elsie Tanadjaja, M.S.

Tuna and Data Director

Brooke Towne, B.A.

Controller & Human Resources Director

Aurora Alifano, M.S.

Social Responsibility Division Director

Jenny Barker, M.P.A

SALT Chief of Party

Sara Lewis, M.A., M.E.S.

Senior Project Director, Co-Lead, Traceability


Hannah Francis, B.A.

SALT Project Assistant

Sarah Caldwell (Calhoun), M.S.

Project Manager

Lindsay Jennings, M.P.S.

Senior Project Manager

Traci Linder, M.S.

Senior Project Manager

Amy West, M.Sc.

SALT Project Director

Social Responsibility

Jen Cole, M.S.

Project Director

Cora Sorenson, M.B.A., M.P.P.

Senior Project Manager

Nathan Zetterberg, M.A.M.

Project Manager


Michelle Beritzhoff-Law, M.S.

Project Director

Scott Kennedy, B.A.

Project Director

Ethan Y. Lucas, M.M.A.

Project Director

Erin Taylor, B.A.

Project Director

Jessie Zupcic, M.S.

Project Manager


Jodie King, B.S.

Office Manager


Dan Baron, M.S.

Data Project Director

Leslie Howitt, M.Res.

Data Project Manager