Celebrate National Seafood Month with FishWise

Created on Thursday, 26 September 2019

#BeFishWise this Seafood Month

October is National Seafood Month. It’s the perfect time to celebrate seafood, but at FishWise our team wants to make this more than just National Seafood Month. We want to cast a wider net and make Seafood Month about sustainable, traceable, and socially responsible seafood.

In week one, we will dive into ocean-friendly seafood that is farmed or fished in ways that are better for the environment as well as other marine creatures that risk being mistakenly caught as bycatch. In week two, our team will share our latest work in traceability, which allows us to track and verify information about both the origin and the journey of how your seafood arrived on your plate. Week three will highlight our work in ensuring seafood is socially responsible, which in turn helps businesses uphold legal and ethical labor conditions. In the final week, FishWise will celebrate the interconnectedness of all our work with top highlights from the month. 

We look forward to sharing inspiration from our day-to-day work with government, nonprofit, and business partners to showcase solutions, stories of ocean hope, and opportunities for all of us to get involved.

And we want to hear from you too! Tag us in your responsible seafood efforts and share your inspirations. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and learn more about how to #BeFishWise. We look forward to honoring National Seafood Month, while helping to shine light on all of the amazing efforts that are taking place nationally and globally. Together, we can make seafood sustainable, traceable, and socially responsible.