FishWise Partner Sea Delight LLC Announces Sustainable Seafood Policy

Created on Tuesday, 10 February 2015

sea delightMiami, FL — February 10, 2015 — Sea Delight, LLC ( the industry leader in providing the finest seafood products from responsible fisheries and traceable sources across the globe, has partnered with FishWise, a leader in sustainable seafood consultancy, to create a public sustainable seafood policy. The policy formalizes a framework to support better fishing practices that Sea Delight has engaged in for years. “It’s a natural progression for Sea Delight to now have a public sustainability policy to continue to build and expand our sustainable seafood efforts and attain measurable goals,” says Sea Delight’s Sustainability Coordinator, Adriana Sanchez-Lindsay.

Sea Delight’s public sustainability policy details seafood sourcing, product sustainability assessment, fishery improvement projects, industry reform, education, and partnerships. “Sea Delight is one of the first seafood distributors in the U.S. to publicly set out clear and measurable sustainability goals,” says FishWise Executive Director Tobias Aguirre. “This includes increasing sourcing from fishery improvement projects – multi-stakeholder efforts to address environmental challenges in a fishery. It also directs Sea Delight’s suppliers to actively participate in these projects and implement procedures.”  Highlights of the policy include:

Sea Delight recognizes the role that seafood distributors play in contributing positively toward seafood sustainability and preferentially sources its seafood utilizing sustainability ratings and eco-certifications.

Accurate data collection and reporting help Sea Delight maintain the quality of its products which benefits the entire supply chain through information sharing. Sea Delight has pledged to create a company traceability policy to strengthen transparency and ensure accountability by the end of 2015.

Sea Delight is committed to supporting and improving its source fisheries by creating and assisting various fishery improvement projects and has deepened this commitment by funding seafood sustainability projects through the nonprofit, the Sea Delight Ocean Fund.

Sea Delight, LLC, operates in conjunction with ADS Seafood Inc., dba Atlantic Fisheries from its 16,000 sq. ft headquarters located in the Doral area of Miami, Florida.  To view the sustainability policy, for sales or further information please visit or call Toll Free at 888-FISH-199 or 305.594-979.

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