National (Sustainable) Seafood Month

Created on Tuesday, 01 October 2019


October is National Seafood Month and because our country loves seafood enough to dedicate an entire month to it, FishWise wants to bring sustainability into the conversation so that we can continue to enjoy seafood for generations to come. Let’s celebrate seafood that is fished or farmed in ways that don’t negatively impact fish populations, the environment, or other marine animals.

Through our partnerships with retailers, suppliers, producers, and the hospitality industry, FishWise helps companies build sustainability into their business plans. Our business partners have become leaders nationwide, with rigorous purchasing policies and ambitious commitments to transparency. By creating market demand for sustainable seafood, retailers and hospitality companies create a domino effect in the seafood industry, influencing suppliers in the middle of the supply chain to improve the sustainability of their seafood sources. In turn, producers are motivated to find innovative solutions that minimize environmental impacts of some fishing and farming practices. 

Our team also engages in complex seafood sustainability issues with transboundary species like tuna. Globally, tuna is one of the top 5 most consumed seafood. With such a high demand, tuna is traded worldwide but the supply chains are often complicated and opaque. FishWise works with our business partners to adopt strong tuna procurement policies, which helps to reduce environmental risks in the supply chain. 

Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture are key in supporting livelihoods, food security, and the economy globally. Follow FishWise on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and learn more about how to #BeFishWise this month and all throughout the year.