New location for Sustainable Sushi Restaurant Tataki

Created on Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Tataki, the first sustainable sushi restaurant in North America and a FishWise Restaurant Partner, opened its doors for the soft-opening of it’s third location in Glen Park, San Francisco last Friday, December 9th

The event was attended by several FishWise staff as well as a “mixed crowd of food writers, friends of owners and coastal foragers still in gumboots!” according to Bill Wall, Program Manager. “The room was filled with people wall to wall,” said Elsie Tanadjaja, our Operations Program Manager, commenting that “it’s a small place, done with simple and elegant decorating”. Most importantly, everyone has been  raving about the incredible quality of the sushi Tataki provided, our Office Manager, Brooke Towne said “I have not had sashimi that good since Masayuki’s in Capitola closed down years ago” and Wall’s favorite dish was the albacore sashimi, stating “I didn’t believe in the term “melt in mouth” until then”.

Casson Trenor, sustainability guru for Tataki and former FishWise employee, revealed that Tataki is going one step further from sustainable sushi by ‘adopting’ the beach at Davenport. Down the Pacific coast from Glen Canyon, this sleepy town has a beautiful coastline very much deserving protection, which Tataki will support via a partnership with Save Our Shores.

FishWise wishes Tataki well in its new venture and looks forward to enjoying their delicious, sustainable sushi again soon!