Producer Partner Spotlight: Riverence

Created on Wednesday, 12 September 2018


FishWise is excited to announce a new producer partnership with Riverence.

“Reverence for the river” – this is the meaning of the name “Riverence” and the inspiration behind the innovative trout producer based in Twin Falls, Idaho. The company’s founding goal is to produce a high-quality product with minimal environmental impact that can decrease pressure on wild fish populations.

Riverence is a vertically integrated producer of fully traceable, gourmet quality steelhead trout. Starting with their own eggs, Riverence’s steelhead trout have a lineage that can be traced back to the late 1960’s and have been managed at their facilities in Rochester, WA for decades. During the company’s extensive research into understanding which strains of trout grow best in specific aquaculture systems (raceways, net-pens, and recirculating aquaculture systems), Riverence began to produce their own high-quality steelhead that is ideal for the discerning food service industry.

One of the keys to a producing a high-quality product are the dietary ingredients selected for the feed. Utilizing a feed that is rich in astazanthin, a naturally occurring micronutrient commonly found in algae and crustaceans, the steelhead trout produce a vibrant red meat. After a grow-out time between 13-16 months, the trout are harvested producing 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, and 10-12 oz. ready to cook fillets. Once processed by hand to remove pinbones, the fillets are ready for same day shipping to maximize freshness and shelf-life. The Twin Falls facility now produces between 8-10 million lbs. of steelhead annually and sells direct to 150 distributors nationwide. Additional products include wood smoked fillets, spreads, and jerky.

The final result is a Seafood Watch “Green – Best choice” rated sustainable product produced without preventative antibiotics, growth hormones, genetic modification, or environmental contaminants. Riverence steelhead trout are available consistently 365 days/year and are a mild tasting, buttery smooth product that can suite a broad variety of palates – an extremely versatile product for chefs. For more information on how to order Riverence steelhead trout, please contact Riverence here.