Sustainable Seafood Takes the Olympic Podium

Created on Friday, 10 August 2012

We are not only cheering for our favorite teams in the London 2012 Olympics here at FishWise, we are also cheering for the sustainable seafood options fishandchipsavailable at every Olympic venue, including the Athletes Village. British classics, such as fish and chips, are sourced either from Marine Stewardship Council-certified wild fisheries or ‘demonstrably sustainable’ farms. Committed to the Games’ Food Vision, the organizers were hoping to use fish certified by the recently launched Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), but since there is no commercially available ASC-certified fish currently, the team resorted to other certification systems such as RSPCA Freedom Food, Global GAP and Best Aquaculture Practice.

Over half way through the Olympics, over 40 tonnes of seafood has been consumed and this figure is estimated to double by the end of the Games. Serving seafood sourced from sustainable ecosystems worldwide is in line with the spirit of Games to bring athletes and fans from various countries together to create a healthy world. Sustainably harvested seafood is also a healthier option with higher omega-3 and lower mercury content, as shown by a recent study. Many chefs also agree that sustainable seafood is more flavorful and affordable. The decision to serve sustainable seafood at the London 2012 Olympics is a win-win for the health of the athletes and fans, the businesses’ bottom line, and the environment. This seafood legacy will serve as an exemplary model after the Games ends. It is also a successful stepping-stone for the larger ambitious goal for London to be the world’s first “Sustainable Fish City.”

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