10 Ways to Celebrate National Seafood Month

Created on Thursday, 25 October 2018

In honor of national seafood month, we asked our staff of seafood experts to put together some of their suggestions for how to celebrate sustainably. Check them out!

If you follow one of these suggestions, please take a photo of your meal and share with us on Facebook @fishwise, on Twitter @FishWiseOrg and via Instagram @fishwise.

  1. Download the SeafoodWatch App and use it while dining out or shopping.
  2. Find a sustainable source for your favorite seafood and cook it up! Try fish from your local fisheries management organization.
  3. Ask at least one supermarket fishmonger or restaurant staff about where a particular fish comes from and whether it is sustainable – take note of how they answer!
  4. Dine out at a new sustainable seafood restaurant (Geisha Sushi in Capitola is a FishWise partner!)
  5. Read and share a story with at least one person about a human rights violation story in the seafood industry to raise awareness.
  6. Pick up a few seafood products at a supermarket and read over the packaging. Take note of certifications and try to find out where it came from and how it was caught or farmed!
  7. Cook one of these recipes from our partner Mt Cook Alpine Salmon’s delectable fish!
  8. Get a fishing license, a pole, and some tackle and learn what species are sustainable to catch – and go hook yourself a fish!
    Here are a few guidelines:

    • Do it lawfully and ethically, abiding by all gear restrictions, closed seasons, protected areas, and bag/size limits
    • Always check with your local fishery management organization
    • Don’t waste anything you catch.
  9. Eat a piece of fish for which you know the story – i.e., who caught it, method of catch, where and when it was caught.
  10. Support an organization working toward sustainable seafood nationally and internationally – consider donating to FishWise!