A reflection on FishWise's Work

2022 Impact Report

2022 Impact Report

Created on Monday, 13 February 2023

In 2022 FishWise saw tremendous organizational growth, forged new partnerships and challenged both ourselves and the seafood industry to meet high standards. Our FishWise_2022_Impact_Report reflects on our accomplishments and where we intend to grow as an organization. We’re proud to share a look back.

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FishWise takes a three-pronged approach in our work to holistically impact the seafood supply chain at scale. We organize our approach to sustainability and workers rights around 1) supply chain engagement- partnering with seafood companies to address risks, 2) collective engagement- partnerships that engage the seafood industry at scale to drive change across supply chains, and 3) governance reform- strategic partnerships that inform relevant governments and regulatory bodies. The report shows our proudest accomplishments of 2022 in numbers that quantify our impact in these three arenas.

Download the FishWise_2022_Impact_Report here.


Grocers served by 2022

FishWise is a unique organization with a special niche—working directly with business partners to improve sustainable seafood sourcing and collaborating with funders and organizations who share our vision of responsible and sustainable oceans. Billions of people on our planet depend on seafood as their primary source of food. FishWise embodies a holistic organizational approach, meaning that we recognize sustainability must include people and seafood—both interdependent on one another.

Social Responsibility strategies crafted in 2022

FishWise works at the intersection of critical issues impacting the seafood industry, including human and labor rights, supply chain traceability, illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUUF), and environmental sustainability. We addresses social, economic, and ecological issues throughout the seafood supply chain.

SALT community by numbers, in 2022

This report comes as FishWise prepares to celebrate 20 years of service in the seafood industry. The organization has grown from serving northern California grocers to reaching over 4,500 grocery stores across the U.S., and governments and nonprofits in 89 countries. And perhaps most exciting of all, FishWise will soon announce our new executive director! After an extensive search for experts in in nonprofit leadership, environmental sustainability, and human rights, we are eager to share the more about the new leader of FishWise, soon.

To those of you who have worked alongside FishWise- thank you for making our growth and development possible.

Download the full FishWise_2022_Impact_Report.