Celebrating Shining Stars of Seafood Leadership on World Oceans Day

Created on Monday, 08 June 2020

World Oceans Day

Our oceans are a precious resource, providing us with endless benefits, from climate regulation and livelihoods to food supply and the air we breathe. Without our oceans, life on Earth would simply not be possible. Today, as we acknowledge World Oceans Day – amidst a pandemic, a global economic crisis, and nationwide uprisings against racial injustices – we share two inspiring stories of corporate leadership.

Iberostar Group LogoIberostar Group Iberostar launched its strategy for how the hotel chain, through its pioneering responsible tourism movement Wave of Change, will move to 100% responsible consumption of seafood at all hotels by 2025. This means that all seafood sourcing will at a minimum be certified, rated, or in a recognized improvement project. Learn more about this effort and the Wave of Change movement. You can also catch the Riding the Wave talk series on committing to responsible seafood, featuring FishWise’s Erin Taylor and Lindsay Jennings on Wave of Change’s Instagram, Facebook, and  Twitter, from June 9 to 12.

Walmart Tuna MilestoneWalmart, Inc. – Walmart released a statement that their U.S. Great Value canned tuna will be Marine Stewardship Council certified or sourced from a credible fishery improvement project by next month, five years ahead of schedule. This achievement makes it easier for seafood lovers to choose canned tuna that was caught responsibly. Read more in their media release here.

A true leader demonstrates how their individual actions support a much bigger vision. The achievements and commitments to sustainable seafood outlined above demonstrate the kind of leadership we hope will motivate other companies to follow suit. With the ongoing impacts of the novel coronavirus and other world and national events, there is an opportunity for the greater seafood community to work together and accelerate progress toward a more resilient seafood supply that is anchored in sustainability. 

FishWise hopes that you will join us in celebrating our oceans year-round and we invite you to help define a new “normal” so that, together, we will realize a world where seafood supply chains sustain our oceans and the people who depend on them.