Changing Tides: Exciting Trends in Seafood

Created on Thursday, 02 August 2012

Two articles caught our eye this week, signaling what we hope could become continuing trends in seafood consumption.

The first article came from Chefs Collaborative and served to highlight the innovative ways in which chefs around the country are practicing “full animal utilization” to address their bottom line as well as inspire and excite their customers. The amount of waste some restaurant kitchens generate to obtain the perfect center cut filet can be staggering. Without a use for the head, bones/shells, tail and so on, these pieces go straight into the trash can. The alternative uses for these parts are only limited by a chef’s skill and imagination so next time you buy seafood, look for fresh, whole fish and see how many different preparations you can come up with!

The second article summarizes the results of a recent study by Sainsbury’s (the third largest supermarket in the UK) which shows a shift in consumer-buying habits as more people purchase lesser known, alternative fish that are more abundant in our oceans. This shift is taking the pressure off more traditionally popular species such as cod, haddock, tuna, salmon, and prawns/shrimp. The prediction is that this upward trend is set to continue as consumer awareness of ocean conservation issues take hold. If you want to find environmentally responsible alternatives to red rated items next time you go shopping, bring this chart of alternatives with you.