Combined IUU Vessel List Expanded

Created on Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Combined IUU Vessel List  maintained by Trygg Mat Tracking (TMT) is a comprehensive source of information available about listed illegal fishing vessels, and it has recently been expanded to include even more sources.

The updated list includes information compiled from the nine Regional Fishery Management Organizations (RFMOs) that have listed fishing  vessels that have been identified in the past and present as participating in Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. Additionally, vessels subject to Interpol “Purple Notices” are also listed. The RFMO and Interpol data is  supplemented with information from online commercial maritime databases, from coastal, flag and port States, and from intelligence gathered from TMT field operations.


To assist users with vessel identification, the list provides data about the vessel’s size and characteristics, IMO number, name, and flag. When available, information is also provided on ownership history, flag history, previous names, its international radio call sign (IRCS) and even photos of the vessel.  Where possible up to date information about vessel position and operational status is also provided. Information about vessels that have been de-listed (from an IUU vessel list) is also searchable.


Given the globalized nature of fishery supply chains, the Combined IUU Vessel List provides managers and other interested parties with vital information about fishing vessels that have been officially recognized as engaged in IUU fishing. The list incentivizes improvements via transparency, allowing interested parties to search vessel histories in a single database.  


IUU VEssel List