FishWise Attends FileMaker DevCon 2015

Created on Friday, 11 September 2015


rsz sea of developers

As we continue to advance our data systems for monitoring improvements in our partners’  seafood sourcing, FishWise sent Database Manager, Nat Robinson, to attend the annual FileMaker Developer’s Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Over 1,600 developers and FileMaker users attended the conference, with represented industries ranging from construction companies to state health organizations, and from environmental NGOs to global shipping firms. Developers were encouraged to network and share their stories with each other, as well as tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years. It was a smorgasbord of database geeks eager to learn.

After a sneak peek of the future FileMaker platform and a rousing opening ceremony, attendees settled into four days of seminars and demonstrations. Topics ranged from mobile and web application development, to user interface design, to the latest security protocols in the ever-changing information systems landscape. All in all, a great learning experience for Nat and the FishWise team as a whole. Look for great new data system improvements from FishWise in the coming year.