FishWise is SeaweedArt’s Partner of the Month

Created on Friday, 02 November 2012

This November, FishWise is excited to announce that we have been chosen by local greeting card extraordinaire, Beth Shady, as her company SeaweedArt’s non-profit partner of the month!

Beth Shady, a Santa Cruz nature artist, created her company SeaweedArt as a means to inspire others to appreciate the oceans as well as raise awareness and funds for the protection and preservation of coastal and marine habitats. She collects, processes, and presses seaweeds found along our rocky shores to create uniquely beautiful greeting cards and prints, then donates ten percent of the profits to ocean conservation charities every month.

We love SeaweedArt’s use of the beautiful, natural colors found along our shores and the greeting cards are a wonderful way to honor the wonder of the oceans. Check out her website  to purchase the greeting cards, and see her new collection for the holidays! The perfect way to express your love for your friends and family as well as the oceans and this holiday season! Her cards are also available at some local Monterey Bay spots such Artisans, The Seymour Center, Haute Enchilada, Island Home and Garden, Seascape Flowers, the Farm Bakery, and the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Exploration Center gift shop.

“Seaweed Greetings” to all, and many thanks to SeaweedArt for supporting FishWise’s cause to promote the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems via responsible business practices! seaweedart