FishWise Partner Hy-Vee Establishes Ambitious Shelf-Stable Tuna Policy

Created on Monday, 27 February 2017

FishWise partner Hy-Vee made headlines recently when it announced the expansion of its Seafood Procurement Policy to include its entire shelf-stable tuna category.

The expanded Seafood Procurement Policy states that Hy-Vee is commitment to sourcing shelf-stable tuna from fisheries that are (in order of preference): 1) certified by the Marine Stewardship Council with supply chain traceability (Chain of Custody); and/or 2) Green or Yellow rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program; and/or engaged in fishery improvement projects[1] making measurable and time-bound progress. Hy-Vee’s policy relies on these internationally-recognized sustainability programs and guidelines because they incorporate criteria and standards that address the biggest issues in tuna sustainability, including overfishing of tuna stocks, bycatch of non-target species, habitat and ecosystem impacts, and management effectiveness.

Hy-Vee’s Policy also includes language recognizing the importance of traceability to ensure seafood is from legal and verifiable sources, the unequivocal obligation to uphold human rights in its seafood supply chains and the need to support and engage in initiatives to drive positive outcomes in fisheries and aquaculture production.

In 2013, due to concerns over the high levels of bycatch in fish aggregating device-associated purse seine fisheries and in longline tuna fisheries, FishWise helped Hy-Vee developed two MSC-certified Hy-Vee Select canned tuna products. Moving forward, FishWise and Hy-Vee will collaborate with suppliers to improve the environmental, traceability and social responsibility of all shelf-stable tuna products the retailer sells.

[1] Qualifying FIPs must meet the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions Guidelines for Supporting Fishery Improvement Projects