FishWise Partners with Salty Girl Seafood

Created on Tuesday, 05 April 2016

SGS-newlogo-09-09FishWise is proud to announce our latest producer partnership with Salty Girl Seafood, Inc. Salty Girl Seafood is based out of Santa Barbara, CA and specializes in easy to cook seafood meals with healthy recipes that are responsibly sourced and traceable.

Sourcing seafood directly from fishermen in California, Oregon, and Alaska, the business has created a set of unique offerings that include rockfish with garlic fresh veggies, black cod with sweet and smoky teriyaki sauce, and coho salmon with lemon pepper and garlic seasoning. Products come pre-marinated and frozen in vacuum-sealed packages with cooking instructions and information on sustainability.

Originally a school project, co-founders Norah Eddy and Laura Johnson met at UCSB’s Bren School and bonded over a shared passion for seafood and marine environments. The two wanted to drive seafood sustainability and address problems in the seafood industry through a realistic business model . Initially focusing on restaurants, the business connected individual fishermen with restaurants to provide fresh, high quality boat-to-plate seafood. After operating under this model for a year, the business switched directions to focus on a customer segment that seemed to be demanding something else. Interestingly, Salty Girl Seafood had begun to find that there were many individual consumers interested in buying responsibly sourced seafood directly off their website.

After regularly being questioned about how to buy and cook seafood, the Salty Girls created a value-added line that enabled consumers to have the answers to their questions on sustainability and cooking while in the store. A retail product line maintains the business’ sustainability and traceability value proposition while also making it easy for people to cook healthy and delicious meals at home. Using simple, healthy ingredients and original recipes with no chemical preservatives, a waiting list was created to manage the demand during the trial phase. Salty Girl Seafood landed its first retailer in May of 2015 and by July 2015 had completely transitioned their business model to focus on the retail market. Since then the business has steadily grown and Salty Girl Seafood products have now gained traction with both retailers and consumers wanting to buy healthy, responsibly sourced, and traceable seafood.

Salty Girl Seafood ensures they maintain personalized service for every store that carries their products. A customized marketing plan is created for each business along with demos and tabling events to make sure product is moving off the shelves.

To learn more about Salty Girl Seafood and their fantastic selection of products, please contact the business directly through their website.