Human rights terminology, case studies, and links to IUU fishing

Created on Tuesday, 24 March 2015

To reduce the prevalence of illegal fishing and labor violations, companies should source products that have been harvested and caught legally, are free of trafficked and forced labor, and are traceable back to its source vessels or farms.

Fortunately, many seafood companies and organizations are already working to improve human rights in the seafood industry. With a shared understanding of the inter-related issues, actions that have helped other sectors advance, and a common set of terminology, these multi-stakeholder groups can strategically move forward together.

Acknowledging that IUU fishing and human rights are complex issues, FishWise offers three documents to provide some clarity. We hope this information will allow seafood stakeholders to adopt the established human rights lexicon and improve understanding of these issues.

FishWise presents the following public documents:

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