Hy-Vee’s Due Diligence Plan and At-Sea Transshipment Policy

Created on Tuesday, 06 August 2019

FishWise is proud of our market partners and the work they do to improve traceability and combat risks of illegal and unethical fishing practices. 

Through its due diligence practices, Hy-Vee is contributing to more transparent seafood supply chains, greater accountability, and a healthier ocean for fish and people. Hy-Vee’s work provides an example of what dedicated businesses can accomplish when choosing to be proactive about assessing and mitigating supply chain risks.

In May 2019, Hy-Vee expanded its tuna policy to include best practices for at-sea transshipment of tuna. This is another example of FishWise’s partner exemplifying industry leadership through adopting a strong but pragmatic policy to tackle tough issues. Tuna transshipped in the high-seas carries risks linked to illegal fishing and worker abuses. Hy-Vee’s policy includes specific components to support increased monitoring and transparency, worker protections, and oversight by fishery management organizations.

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