Introducing Meg Songer

Created on Monday, 10 August 2015

10014642 10152403574639359 4804707427106687265 nMy name is Meg Songer and I am excited to announce that I am transitioning to the role of Project Manager for our Independent Retailer Partnership program here at FishWise. I will be acting as a liaison between our Independent Retailer partners and FishWise to communicate the importance and feasibility of seafood sustainability while maintaining strong professional relationships.

The passion that I have developed for marine conservation is rooted in my hands-on introduction to marine ecosystems through environmental education. I grew up mostly in the Midwest but lived abroad for several years, which allowed for a great deal of traveling all over the Pacific and Indian Oceans as a young adult. These initial adventures were just the beginning of my sense of amazement in the wonders of the sea.

As an undergraduate student in environmental studies at Iowa State University, I became concerned with finding ways that I personally could affect positive changes in the global environment. I let my competence as an empowered consumer lead me on a path toward marine stewardship, which eventually led me here to Santa Cruz and FishWise. I am thrilled to continue learning more from this impassioned, problem solving, and dedicated team.

Meg’s favorite pastimes include:

– Photography
– Meteorology
– Traveling
– Free diving
– Rock climbing
– Learning new languages
– Hiking
– Music and comedy
– Long twisty bike rides through the countryside