Let’s Celebrate World Oceans Day!

Created on Thursday, 31 May 2012

Every day at FishWise we recognize the importance of our oceans: their role in our planet’s ecosystem and, of course, in providing us with delicious seafood. We are also very excited about any special opportunities to celebrate our oceans. Did you know that June 8th is the World Oceans Day? World Oceans Day was originally proposed by Canada at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992 and, since 2003, The Ocean Project has been promoting it and collaborating with over 1,200 organizations worldwide. This year’s World Oceans Day shares the same theme as last year’s: “Youth: the Next Wave for Change”. This two-year theme is based on market research led by The Ocean Project that showed young people as the most promising members of the public to reach in order to effect lasting change.

This year, FishWise will be celebrating World Oceans Day in two ways: by offering a World Oceans Day coloring and puzzle sheet and coordinating a themed Blue Drinks event in our local stomping grounds of the Monterey Bay.

The coloring sheets not only have adorable cartoons of ocean creatures to color, but also a word search and fishing maze to solve while learning about sustainable seafood options. These are available online for anyone to download and will be available in store at many of our retail partners. We encourage everyone to take a picture of their artwork and their children’s artwork and post it on our Facebook page to add to the festivities! Stick them on your fridge, encourage the little ones to bring their masterpieces to school for “show and tell,” and cook up one of these kid-friendly seafood dinners to celebrate their achievements!

Locally, we are having a special Blue Drinks Santa Cruz event to celebrate World Oceans Day. Blue Drinks is an informal networking event for the local ocean conservation community and, to celebrate World Oceans Day, we will have our Executive Director Tobias Aguirre plus representatives from Save Our Shores, The Seymour Center, The Clean oceans Project, and LiVBLUE give brief talks about actions you can take to help protect our ocean ecosystems. There will be complimentary edamame, house sake and sustainable sushi snacks provided, plus a 15% discount on anything else! There will also be a World Oceans Day menu featuring a selection of green-only sushi rolls (according to Seafood Watch color rankings). The event will run from 5:30 — 7:30 on June 12th at Geisha Sushi in Capitola Village. You can find out more information and sign up for the Blue Drinks Santa Cruz email list on our Facebook page.

Here’s a list of online resources to help you come up with more creative ideas:

World Oceans Day video

World Oceans Day website

FishWise facebook page